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    How to replace weekend and capture the next business day

    Hello, I have a record with dates that included the weekends in there. I would like to find and replace the weekend days to next business day. <colgroup><col width="149" style="width: 112pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 5449;"> <tbody> #C65911[/URL] , align: right"]1-Jun-2014...
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    Hi All, Me and my friend were working on an idea where we could pull total business hours worked excluding holidays and weekends so we started googling and got lucky with this formula =(NETWORKDAYS.INTL(B2,C2,11,A2:A100)-1)*("START TIME"-"END...
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    vba query - how do you save a work book with the name of previous working day?

    hi, Id like to save a work book using a name of indexpricingDDMMYY, but where the date is the previous business/working date. I'd ideally not like to reference a cell in the workbook, just use function like workday-1 or something? I am able to save with the current date-1, but this does not...
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    Networkdays Formula IF/OR Cell has Open or Closed

    Hello Excel Gurus! I am befuddled over an IF/OR function in Column M (M2) of Networkdays where if Column L (L2) has "Closed" as a status Networkdays calculates the difference between J2(start date),K2(end date),HOLIDAYS in M2. But if Column L (L2) has "Open" as a status Networkdays calculates...
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    Business day interval calculation using WORKDAY and NETWORKDAYS

    Hello Excel Gurus, Can someone help with a bus day interval calculation involving WORKDAY and NETWORKDAYS calculations? If the status of the query is "Closed" and the end date is greater than the set interval, then show the number of days the query is late. If the status of the query is...
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    Working out business hours from/to specific dates/times

    Hello! I am hoping someone can assist with a template they just happen to have kicking around... I need to know the specific business hours from the first date/time to the second date/time, based on: a 9 hour (8-5pm) day a 5 day working week (Mon-Fri), with BC, Canada holiday dates factored...
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    Automatically highlight fields with dates that are older than 5 business days?

    I have columns of dates and I'm looking to automatically highlight dates that are older than 5 business days from today. Is that conditional formatting? Thanks in advance
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    Excel business day turn around help!

    Hello all, I'm not too skilled with excel and these threads are helping a bit but I'm not finding exactly what I need. Basically, what I want is a formula that I can input the last email date/time that we responded to at the end of the day and based off our business hours it gives us the...

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