1. K

    Help with access query expressions

    I have a column in one of my Access queries called CustomerName_DBAName. Below is an example of what that data typically looks like. CustomerName_DBAName JOHN T. PUBLIC JAKE A. SMITH JR. ABC COMPANY STEVE JONES - DBA: SUPER STORE BIG COMMUNICATIONS, LLC SOME BUSINESS INC. JOE SLOW - DBA...
  2. D

    find the first business day of november of LAST year

    the title says it all
  3. R

    Macro to change VLookup Range

    Hi Guys, I want to update Vlookup range in the report with respect to sheet name in cell A27. <tbody> <tbody> Business Solution </tbody> Connect Status <tbody> Business Retail </tbody> =VLOOKUP($B$11,Oct!C:J,4,0) <tbody> Business Digital </tbody> =VLOOKUP($B$11,Oct!C:J,6,0)...
  4. J

    Calculate Work-back Schedule - Business Days and Hours

    Hello, I am trying to create a work-back schedule where you enter a launch date/time and the delivery dates of that project are calculated based on hours working backward from that launch date. The working hours should only be business days and hours (M-F, non-holidays, 9am-5pm). The formulas...
  5. N

    If and then or similar

    I have a workbook that has 400+ business names with 20 to 30 products each, I really need to add business names to another column, Column a (business name) Column b(product name) Column c (hopefully business address) Am I stuck with copy and paste?
  6. J

    Count left working days in current month

    Good day everybody, I am facing a relatively trivial problem, but somehow I can not continue. Aussprache lernen I would like to know how (dax measure) many working days are still available in the current business month from today (in Excel/ Power Pivot). I have the following table...
  7. S

    change column headings to inches

    Hi i'm using 365 I sort a remember that in older versions of excel, I was able to change the A,B,C, and the 1,2,3,to inches. Was I dreaming? I'm trying to make a business card and i don't want to keep changing the fonts and printing them till i get the size right. mike
  8. M

    Multiple keyword filters within Pivot Table in Excel 2016

    For instance, I have a whole range of job roles and the count, and I want to group several functions together, such as: Group 1 Sales Marketing Business BD Business Development Group 2 Admin Administrative Accounts how do I filter and group them together easily as long as the job role...
  9. A

    In-person training/consulting available for small business?

    I'm new to this site and couldn't find anything regarding any type of personal/face to face consulting or training services. Does anyone know if this is something that's offered and if so what/who is best person to contact? I work for a small business (10-15 people) in Eastern NC and we could...
  10. G


    I have generated thousands of lines of software using macro 4.2 in Excel V5. This is business and accounting software and was produced on a G3 Mac. I have transferred it to G4, G5, Power Mac and (the latest) iMac. I have also generated other software in macro 4 which runs successfully on all...
  11. N

    Time series

    Hello, I have a set of data which I am trying time series. Can anyone help me with the vba code? The current macro creates the first event with the last business date but I want it to replicate the lines below but only update the dates current date. If last business day is Friday and I am...
  12. E

    Automated Part Number off Word inputs

    Hey Guys, New to the forum, but I have something tricky that I want to do in excel. I want to generate a part number based off a specific word input. For example <tbody> Titus 350FS 22 22 24x24 Lay In Std White No Screw Holes None None None None </tbody> = <tbody>...
  13. C

    Convert a list into rows

    Hi I've downloaded some data which comprises of business name, address and post/zip code. The data has arrived in a single column but I now need to sort so that I can effectively swivel the company data 90 degrees so each business lists across a row. Not all of the data is consistent as some...
  14. T

    Applying filter to one Value in Pivot?

    Hello, I am trying to create a dual axis chart; a bar graph of total calls with a line representing percent of calls that are during business hours. My source data is a list of calls that have the following information: session ID, duration minutes, business hours?(y/n), and OS type. My thoughts...
  15. J

    Extracting Value in Excel

    What would be the appropriate formula to extract the text between the 1st and 2nd underscores? Text: STR_UAT_19.3_MWaaS: MODIFY_EXISTING_INTERFACE - Business processing area is not populating when MFTP-ID is entered. * Original Value located in Column: F
  16. F

    Nested Vlookups / Index Match with multiple criteria

    I have a Programme Roadmap table with the following: Column B (row 4) - Business Unit Column C (row 4) - Business Area Column D (row 4) - Technology Columns E to AZ (row 5) are week ending dates The cell values are as follows: 1. GL (Go-live) 2. PLT-C (Pilot Complete) 3. REQ-C (Requirements...
  17. M

    How to share Excel on Office 365 Business with some staff without email to them

    I am using Office 365 Business and my Excel file is on OneDrive. I want to share it to another staff but I do not want auto email sent to him. Is this possible Thanks
  18. T

    Lookup customer name on IE and return address using VBA

    Hi, I have a list of business names in Excel starting in cell A2 going down to A3, A4 etc. The record-set is pretty large as it contains over 100,000 rows. What I need to do is to retrieve the address for these business using IE and return the corresponding address in cell B2, B3 etc.. I'm...
  19. A

    Graph Help - Display multiple data

    Hi, I am struggling to display data in a visual way. I am trying to show a customers market growth across several categories and then my companies growth in those categories relative to the market growth. As an example: In Category 1, Customer A had growth of 2% in the market but our business...
  20. M

    Deselect certain items in Drop Down list

    Hi Gurus, I need some help with an excel workbook I have. I have a worksheet that is auto filtered for all columns, in column I is a list of business names, 2000 or more and growing. I would like to write a macro that "deselects" certain business names in column I from showing. What is a...

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