1. D

    Reset Button for Drop Down Lists

    I have a workbook with multiple drop down lists. Unfortunately, all the drop downs are not using data validation. We need to have the list "reset" to the first item of each list. Is there a way to do this with just one Reset Button? Thank you
  2. G

    Macro Clear Button

    I have created a clear button on my sheet to reset certain cells to 0 etc. However in some of the cells formulas are also being deleted. Can someone tell me how to correct this problem, leave the formulas intact. Thanks all GT
  3. Y

    Get value from filtered table vba with button

    I create a simple previous-next button using spinbutton to get data from the table, here the code: Private Sub spnPrevNext_SpinDown() Dim wb As Workbook: Set wb = ThisWorkbook Dim shtHelper As Worksheet, shtData As Worksheet Dim lobTable As ListObject Dim FindData as Range...
  4. A

    re-run the macro if command button is clicked

    Dear Learned people I have a macro that, when it has run through all the code saves the workbook with a different name using "Save As" . I added a command button "Save & New" on a user-form in a certain position in the code. I would like for the user to save the workbook (Save As) and then...
  5. S

    Pls help how to Add multiple rows with same value of combobox through userform

    I have created a userform Which have a combobox and a text box, save button. Now when i select a value say"ABCD" in combo box, i will mention say number as "5". Now when i click on save button, then 5 rows of value "ABCD" should be created in excel cells in the column i specify. And next time i...
  6. E

    Limit Macro from Filling Past Row

    Hi, I am making a Name List where people can put their name in a cell, and click on a macro-recorded button to automatically add their name to a new row in an existing list. However, I am trying to add VBA to set a limit to the number of rows that can be filled in this list. So, if I want the...
  7. R

    Button to copy value from one cell to another

    Greetings, Hoping someone can help with a script to make a Button (form control) copy the value from cell D4 and write it into the cell which is referenced as an absolute in cell E4. I'm not sure if I'm using the right button btw. Any help appreciated :-)
  8. K

    run time error 1004

    i have a control button named "button 61" and a macro is assigned to it, within that macro there is a code : Worksheets("4_Lift Plan").OptionButtons("Button 61").Visible = False which esentially tells to make this same button invisible if certain condition is met and when i run it there is error...
  9. K

    changing properties of command button

    many sources mention that when i add a control button from form controls into worksheet and right click on it, there should be option for properties from which i could change font, color , name etc.. but unfortunately when i do right click only options i see are: cut, copy, edit text, grouping...
  10. D

    Replace HYPERLINK formula with button

    I've created a link with the HYPERLINK formula which is using customer IDs from another cell inside the Hyperlink. Works like a charm. Now I've been trying to make the Excel a bit nicer looking. Is there any way to replace the links with a button or a button-like graphic so it doesn't just look...
  11. P

    VBA to Add Calculated Field and Measure into a Pivot Table

    Hi: I have the following code which I am trying to use to clear out the data fields in a pivot table and substitute with a data field selected by the user with a macro button. The code falls down on the very last line showing a 'Run time error 5 Invalid call or argument'. Please help! Sub...
  12. F

    VBA input box help

    On: Sheets("Players") I have a command button, when clicked this runs: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim Player1 As Variant Player1 = InputBox("Enter Player 1") ActiveSheet.OLEObjects(1).Object.Caption = Player1 ActiveSheet.OLEObjects(1).Object.BackColor = 49152 End Sub On...
  13. S

    Create a basic macro button for removing specific rows or columns

    Hi all, Apologies for the simple request as a beginner to the forum, but I would like to have a button on a spreadsheet that I can delete either a specific column or row. I have code to remove a column as follows: Sub DeleteColumns() Dim varUserInput As Variant varUserInput = InputBox("Enter...
  14. B

    Auto Run "Import Database" upon open file

    I need some help here as still learning Excel Macros I have few sets of code within an excel file. 1) clear "results" data if "input" criteria has any change 2) Export "results" as a separated file in values only - button 3) Import "Database"- button So far, I tested them separately, all are...
  15. S

    Macro Button for adding a column in a specific location

    Hi, I am very much a beginner with excel, but wanting to add a button on my spreadsheet to add a column after a specific column. The code I have put together is as follows: Sub AddColumns() Dim varUserInput As Variant varUserInput = InputBox("Enter Column Letter where you want to add a...
  16. T

    Create ribbon button to run macro

    Hi, Can anyone help point me in the right direction to run the code Import_SOR_Data1 by selecting a command button in the ribbon? How to create the command button please? Also not sure if the macro is in correct place in the linked form Regards, Wayne Copy of VOID VALIDATION KCxllinestyle.xlsm
  17. Z

    Date and Time code

    i'm looking for a vba code where i can click the command button to add the exact date and time Now() smthn like this ? any idea ?
  18. D

    What would be the best way to do this?

    I am making a spreadsheet that allows you to enter an activity, press a button, then it stores the activity. A list of activities are compiled over time and there is another button that selects a random activity from the list. You can't use variables for this as they only last until the...
  19. P

    How to click on download button tableau dashboard webpage using excel vba

    I'm trying to click on button using element by classname tag name but no success
  20. C

    VBA Code to Unhide columns

    I'd like to unhide columns based on clicking the a button that I have created. When the user clicks the button, columns F-I would unhide. When the button is clicked again it moves to unhide the next group of columns J-M and so on. I'd like to use the same button to keep this quoting worksheet...

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