1. J

    Toggle filter on/off using VBA

    I have some pretty simple code that just isn't working... Basically, I want to create a button at the head of a column to toggle a filter on and off. So, if I click the button when the filter isn't applied, it applies the filter; if I click the button when it is applied, the filter is removed...
  2. A

    VBA - ActiveX button

    Hello.. Assuming i got 2 sheets and 2 ActiveX button. Sheet 1 with Button1 and Sheet 2 with Button2. Both button contain the same coding which is for adding row above the button. The question is, how to trigger clicking Button 2 automatically when i click Button 1.
  3. H

    VBA copy worksheet with option to rename

    Hi. I'd like to have a button on Sheet 1 where the user clicks it and it creates an exact copy of Sheet 1* but up pops a little box that says "Please enter your name below then click Ok" and when they do that, it creates a new worksheet that is an exact replica of what's on Sheet 1 (even down...
  4. C

    current worksheet correct syntax

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a button that will sort a specific area on a worksheet, there are approximately 140 identical tabs (worksheets) and I wanted to have a button invoke a macro to sort the same area on the current active worksheet. When i use the macro recorder it always...
  5. F

    Form button to control checkbox selection

    I have what should be a simple piece of VBA code to put together, but for the life of me i am hitting a brick wall. i am taking a VBA class but the prof is having us write code that isn't in the book or maybe we haven't covered yet. i have a (form) button that needs to be used to toggle a...
  6. S

    MouseMove Event : When mouse is outside the edge or border of command button would like to change the background colour of commandbutton

    Hello How is above statement in RED justified with below code as i am stuck and color does not change when the mouse is outside the border or edge of command button Private Sub CommandButton1_MouseMove(ByVal Button As Integer, ByVal Shift As Integer, ByVal x As Single, ByVal y As Single)...
  7. C

    VBA saving tab in new workbook but button linked to old

    I have a report that allows users to make individual files for their reps. However there are a couple of macro assigned buttons on the tabs that are used to make new files. The code teavels with the transfer because I have it in the sheet area and not in a module. However the button...
  8. Z

    VBA to change to a different sheet with a command button

    How can I change sheets based on a userform button. If I have a command button on sheet 1 that when it's clicked a userform pops up. But I also want to automatically change sheets to the current day. So say on sheet 1 there's a command button for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...
  9. W

    Basic Formula to Button

    Hi All, I have a formula that returns the last text cell which is =INDEX($F$6:$F$13,MATCH(REPT("z",255),$F$6:$F$13)) and it works well. How do I go about adding that same formula to a form control button? do I use ActiveCell.Formula?? along with my...
  10. gheyman


    Can you use VBA to Filter a filed in a Query I have a Query (qry_OnTimeDelivery_MetricData) I want to Filter Field: "MONTH0_Active" to the value "1" I want to do this from a form using a Button. Can it be done using code?
  11. W

    VBA Running Slow

    Hi All, **Newbie VBA/Macro user*** - I use forums and Youtube to learn how to code but in there somewhere are probably some bad habits. I have a form button on a project i'm working on which has now gone a bit slow to calculate. The button picks a random number between 1 and 10 in the...
  12. P

    VBA logging into secure website

    I have written some vba code to log into a secure website. I have been successful in opening IE, inputting the Username and the Password. However, I can't get the login button to execute. I inspected HTML button and the following HTML code is the corresponding code to the button: <input...
  13. W

    Give error/msgboxbox if cell hasent had any values for x times when clicking a button

    Hi. Is there a good way to make it so that if i click a button, the code will check if a spesific cell has had any values in the last 10 times (10 is just an example), and if it hasent, a error message /msgbox will appear? Example. Lets say A1 is the cell i want to check, and a button with...
  14. M

    Convert EUR to GBP VBA Script

    Hi, Im trying to create a script to change all the values on the press of a button from GBP to EUR and back if the button is presed again, can anyone help. I search online and the forum but not joy. Many thanks
  15. P

    Sorting Data over several worksheets

    I have a excel file that has 7 worksheets in it. I have a button set up that says Sort data. I want to be able to use one button (Sort Data) to sort data over those 7 sheets but each sheet be alphabetized by its self. Also i want the cells that are to be sorted on each sheet to be: A3:AL32 and...
  16. D

    VBA Macro link to daily report

    Dear Forum, I need a little wisdom here please. I have managed to create a working Marco that filters, formats, deletes etc. a worksheet report. The Marco name is: Daily_Report_Filter Each day we need to pull a report, the report data and structure is always the same but the file name...
  17. G

    Identify Macro running from a custom button on the Ribbon Bar

    Hi folks, I added a number of buttons to my ribbon bar but can't recall the name of one of the attached macros. On a regular form button, you can just right click to Assign Macro and the current one is shown. However, the button bar does not allow this approach. Any ideas how I can identify the...
  18. A

    excel buttons 1,2

    hi guys, i would like to make two buttons, one at B1 and the second at C1. if you press B1 button must show number 1 at A1 or if you press C1 button should show 2 at A1. The second issue is that i would like to have these buttons in columns because am interesting to have data in A1:A30. thanks...
  19. R

    VBA IE to click on button inside a table

    <table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0"> <tbody><tr> <td style="width: 1%;"> <img alt="" src="/an/919858511/p/Ariba/hdr_Ariba_Discovery_2x.png" height="30" border="0"> </td> <td style="padding:4px 20px 0px...

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