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    VBA: Popup message based on scenarios

    Dear MrExcel community Challenge I would like to create VBA code that results in a popup message after particular calculations have finished (which are part of a existing VBA code). The wording of the message depends on certain cell values. The message will also have to include certain cell...
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    Looking to populate a fourth cell based on the values in three other cells, If A29 is blank and B29 is "green" and C29 is "red" the I would like cell D29 to be "Team B" otherwise I would like cell D29 to be "Team C". I am unsure how to write this formula.
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    Need help with VBA with If Then

    This is the code Sub LoopThruBooks1() Dim p, f, s, a, r, a1, a2, a3, a4, a5 p = ThisWorkbook.path & "\All Quotes\" f = Dir(p & "*.xls*") s = "Enter Info for Quote" a = "C18" a1 = "C3" a2 = "C13" a3 = "C19" a4 = "C29" r = 1 'The row is starts on (binary)0...
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    Duplicate in different cells

    I have a large spreadsheet with duplicate entries adjacent on 2 rows is there a formula for this they are marriages and need pairing up as you can see from the reference numbers on right side are the same that I have edited. They are in pairs with the same reference...

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