calculate by date

  1. J

    Find the previous Mon or Wed from a given Date

    I need to find the Monday or Wednesday prior to a given date minus 4 days weekdays in order to Calculate a submission date. Examples: Date given is 7/31, then I want to return 7/23/18 Date given is 7/26, then I want to return 7/18/18 Date given is 7/25, then I want to return 7/18/18 I have...
  2. V

    Auto Refresh/Calculate by Date

    Hi All, I am currently creating a personal finance spreadsheet and I am trying to Calculate in 1 cell the amount left on a Mortgage. All I want to do in say, Cell A1 is tell me how much is left to pay in reference to TODAY's date. I don't want or need a full mortgage amortization spreadsheet...

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