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    ''Import' calculated fields in a pivot

    Hi all, Looking for help with a bunch of calculated fields in an existing pivot (file 1). I have to re-create the pivot in a new file (file 2) and I need the same calculated fields as in file 1. Under 'List Formulas' I can see all the formulas and CF, but is there a possibility to...
  2. A

    Using SUMPRODUCT referencing cells on another sheet using calculated ranges

    I really need some help on this one. I can't figure it out. :confused: I am trying to modify the formula below so that the cell references will calculate automatically depending on the current year. The problem is that the # of days in the 1st week changes depending on the year. This means that...
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    Need help in Add calculated field

    Below code is not working. PT1.CalculatedFields.Add Name:="Conversion", Formula:="Winner / All " With PT1.PivotFields("Conversion") .Orientation = xlDataField .Function = xlSum .Position = 1 .Caption = "Conversion-1" .numberformat = "0.00%" End With Column Winner and All contain numbers and I...
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    How can add calculated Variance to Pivot table when Budget & Cost are from different tables in the data model

    Please bear with me, I'm a newbie! I'm using PowerPivot in Excel 2010 and am trying to create a calculated Variance field in a pivot table rather than add a column to my source tables as my Budgets and Costs come from 2 separate sources. I have 4 tables in my PowerPivot data model: Budget...
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    Add pivot table fields to values using VBA

    Hi I have managed to add Calculated fields to the pivot table as shown in the code below but I am not able to get these calculated fields to appear in the values list using vba. Can anybody please enlighten me on how I can add the calculated fields to the values list using vba Portion of the...

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