1. G

    Sparkline/Formula Help

    Hello All, Thank you for taking a moment to review and see if you can assist. Attached is a copy of the sample data I am working with in Microsoft Excel 32-bit 2013. * Columns A:AS are my weeks 11-25 data to calculate the Pass %. * Some weeks failed (see Week 11 with 0 out of 3), while...
  2. M

    Calculate total payroll for month based on start date, pay level, and account

    Needing help coming up with a formula to calculate salary expected to be used based on employee date hired, account, and pay level. See below. There are 3 tabs on my worksheet, Budget Forecaster, New Employee Tracker, and Pay Chart. Joe Smith was hired on 6/10/18 as a GS7(pay scale) which...
  3. M

    Multiple Ifs with Calculations

    Hi All Please assist on the below, I am struggling to create a Nested IF statement Sample Data: <colgroup><col width="64" span="3" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> A B C aa ff 1 bb gg 1 bb gg 5 cc hh 4 aa hh 5 cc gg 6...
  4. A

    Calculating percentage in Pivot Table

    Hi, I have a problem with my pivot table. I need a new column next to 2018 column that calculates the percentage growth of 2018 over 2017. I'm new to the pivot tables please help me with this as it's...
  5. S

    More Efficient Way to Count First Instance

    Good afternoon all, I'm sorry if this has been answered already, but I am in desperate need of a more efficient way to count first occurrences in a workbook I frequently use. I am currently using the following: =IF(MATCH($J2,$J$2:$J2,0)+1=ROW($J2),1,0) Once this calculation is made for all...
  6. T

    Userforms data validation

    Hi I am working on a sub which has a userform as part of the macro, there are some calculations based on the information the user puts in the user form, some of the calculations are on time so the user needs to put a : between the hours and minutes and seconds (12:45:29) some are based on...
  7. T

    macro to caculate workbook when i change a cell value?

    Hi everyone, I have a very large document with a lot of formulas in it, although I've thought about changing it to VBA calculations the formulas do a good job so for now I will stick with them. However because the document is so large I have switched it to manual calculations which makes it...
  8. R

    Some calculations do not calculate

    I have a spreadsheet that has short (50-80) rows with 7 columns. 2 columns are used to calculate data. Calculations use Google Maps to get mileage from one point to another point. The calculations either work or don't work. That is, the calculated cells either have the correct mileage or have a...
  9. J

    Minutes/seconds in format like

    I've got some times that I need to input into a spreadsheet, like 107m 31s and 202m 54s. I need to have them display as something like in (like 107.31 and 202.54). I do not want the minutes to convert to hours, and I need to be able to do calculations off of the entries. for example...
  10. F


    Hello, unfortunately it is not possible to upload a file, so I try to explain it as best as I can: I use =NORM.INV to produce columns of random values like: <tbody> Values Values Values Values Values Values Values Values Values Values 26.8538815 5.45631173 -51.0077324 79.4960151 39.7611752...
  11. A

    Is there a way to document Pivot Table value summariy calculations?

    I am looking for a way to document how pivot table summary calculations are put together. Sum Count Average Max Min Product Count Numbers StdDev StdDevp Var Varp and how they are used with cell values.
  12. G

    Calculation of Slope & Intecept of Logarithmic Trendline

    Hi, I have produced an x-y scatter chart from the following two columns of data. <tbody> åkDt hours Comp. Strength (N/mm²) </tbody> <tbody> 11.36 6.2 16.31 12.9 25.18 18.4 29.36 24.4 38.21 30.5 88.41 41.4 349.29 63.6 </tbody> The X scale is formatted to Logarithmic Base 10...
  13. A

    Looping calculations for blocks of data

    Hi, I have recorded a macro that is performing a couple of simple calculations on a dataset that is 12 columns wide by 8 rows tall. However, I now need to to have the macro loop those same calculations over each 12x8 block, until a blank row is reached. The data is very regular, every set is...
  14. N

    VBA code to enable-diable calculations for hidden sheets

    Hello, I am working on a large workbook with 32 tabs (roughly 1M file). About 22 of the tabs are not used on a regular basis but they all contain a number of calculations, references and Index/Match with the primary sheets. All of this being active causes the workbook to slow down. I am looking...
  15. J

    ScreenUpdating = False not working

    Hi, macro is set up as below Sub Start Macro() application.screenupdating = false call macro2 application.screenupdating = true End Sub Now usually it works fine but the macro im working with does calculations on 30000 ish rows (takes around 90 seconds) and causes Excel to display "Not...
  16. S

    Change cell color if formula is overwritten

    I have a basic spreadsheet that has a number of calculations. There are times when the calculations need to be overwritten with data input. I would like the cell to automatically change color if this occurs as a reminder that the cell was modified. Prefer not to use VBA. Only applies to...
  17. S

    Creating a workbook to calculate and track monthly commissions

    So I run a dealership with 8 service advisors, their pay depends on multiple different things, related to their sales, customer satisfaction scores etc etc. I currently use a workbook I created with individual sheets for each advisor, which is basically a calculations page I input their various...
  18. R

    Time series data

    Good day all. I’ve got a time series database for my economic data, and it generally works pretty well except I have one issue around data frequency in my queries. In short, different indicators have different release frequencies, such as daily, monthly, quarterly, annual etc. I have two...
  19. D

    Any way to tell Excel to disregard all other calculation processes EXCEPT a certain one (or at least give priority to the newest one)?

    My file uses an API to pull in 500+ streaming stock-quotes -- once the connection has been established and they're being pulled in, they update rather quickly BUT the initial API call to the stock data provider's service often takes over a minute...I suspect it's because I've got a bunch of...
  20. A

    SUMIFS not carrying out calculations

    Hi All, I've encountered an issue that I can't seem to resolve where my SUMIFS formulas are not carrying out the calculations as requested? This is the code I'm using...

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