1. P

    wrap text

    Hello good morning, please can you help me, I have the code below but I would like to add a wrap text I have tried .wrap text but it didn't work, can you help please? [CODE]Private Sub CheckBox68_Click() If CheckBox68 =False Then Exit Sub EnRange("F8").Value = Range("F8").Value+ 1...
  2. H

    Pivot: average of counts for multiple criteria

    I have a fairly simple pivot table which shows call center data in a very useful and intuitive way for managers. Below is the sum of the number of calls for a given hour and day of the week in March. What I need to show is the average of the calls received for a given hour & weekday (word...
  3. H

    Cell Change Run Code

    I', assuming this code will run if any cell on Sheet1 is changed? How do i change it to only run if a cell in J1:J15 is changed? If Target.Cells.Count <> 1 Then Exit Sub If Not Intersect(Target, Range("J1:J15")) Is Nothing Then Select Case Target.Value Case "Apple"...
  4. B

    VBA Run macros on multiple sheets, not all sheets

    Hello, I have a button running three macros. I was to have this run through multiple sheets in a workbook, but not all the sheets. Just selected sheets. I have this code on the button. It seems to run through and select the sheets as the message box pops up. But it is not actually running the...
  5. N

    Multiple IF statements, is there a better way?

    Hi guys, here is some code but I suppose there would be a better way to do it? What I'm doing is, on button press check to see if a checkbox is checked on the userform and if so call a routine that looks in column A and hides the row. For example, if checkbox A is checked then call routine...
  6. A

    contact way

    Hello All, i make a simple user form to collect some data related to customers i make Frame contact 2 options call mail i need when the user select call an Text box active to write numbers only
  7. MCTampa

    How to resume a record set where a macro left off?

    I have a VBA script that loops through our AS400 and changesfields based on a set of criteria loaded into a form. There are certain times when our AS400 glitches and presentsa half screen of information. At thispoint, I want to back out of the screen and restart the process.However, if I have 5...
  8. kelly mort

    Randomly run one out of three macros

    Hello , I am looking at three separate macros right now. Say : macro1 macro2 macro3 . Below is the button to call Private Sub CommandButton1_Click 'Inside here I want to choose one of those macros at random End Sub How will I run just one of those three at random?
  9. T

    Simplifying if logic

    Can someone please help me tidy up this logic? If ConditionA Then If ConditionB Then Call SomeSub Else Runverylongpieceofcode End If Else Runverylongpieceofcode End If I don't to write Runverylongpieceofcode twice. Thanks
  10. navic

    How to set Macro1 invisible to the user?

    I have an ActiveX button on the Index worksheet. By clicking on this button i want to call two VBA macros In Module1 exists Macro1 = Import multiple specific sheets from all files in folder Macro2 = List all sheets on Helper sheet in active wokrbook However, I do not want the user to see these...
  11. L

    application object - vba functions

    Hi I have been under impression that to call any vba function (please see the list below), I need to use this syntax application.FunctionName but I just noticed that I can call these function without Application. Sub myfunctions() MsgBox Chr(66) MsgBox Now() MsgBox Int(55.12345) End Sub...
  12. D

    Call macro in another workbook

    Hi I am hoping some one can help me with this. I work on Excel for MAC. I would like to call another macro as follows I have a button_click on workbook1. when I press this button I would like to run a macro embedded as button_click in workbook2. Thanks and Regards Darren
  13. D

    If Statement w Variables

    Hello, I can't seem to obtain the necessary information for a column I'm trying to calculate. I'm trying to use a formula to calculate the last column. I need the formula to look at the unique ID (column A) first before determining if it's before or after the call. Please see below...
  14. M

    Comparing two tables. Bibliography and members

    Colleagues, I need to find members of an organization in a bibliography. In a cell for the bibliography the authors will be LN1, FN1, LN2, FN2, LN3, FN3......etc..... [Let's call this column BA] In the member excel sheet there will a column with the last names. [Let's call this column MLN]...
  15. C

    Excel VBA Checkbox..... Pulling my hair out

    Ok So I have checkboxes I use in If statements thorughout my workbook and after adding one final it seems no matter what I do it will not recognize the value I have declare the variable for the checkbox as normal Dim RnFinalCB As CheckBox: Set RnFinalCB =...
  16. G

    Fuzzy logic Lookup using start/finish date & time and other text

    Hi, I am trying to look up two data sources and would really appreciate any help please: Call Data <tbody> Username Start End Call Id name1 01/04/19 08:01:07 01/04/19 08:13:19 100001 name2 01/04/19 08:01:45 01/04/19 08:07:12 100002 </tbody> against Interaction Data <tbody> Username...
  17. A

    Call sub based on value in cell

    I'd like to set up a sub to call another sub based on a value in a cell, rather than calling a specific pre-defined sub. For example: Sub test1() x = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("B2").Value Call x End Sub Sub test2() Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("B4").Value = "test2 has run" End Sub Sub...
  18. R

    VBA switches sheets running in excel 2019 v 2010+2007+2011 for MAC, where it does not

    I have some vba code to protect and unprotect the sheets in my workbook. This code runs fine (IE as expected) on Excel for Windows 2007, 2010 and Excel for MAC 2011 but in Excel for Windows 2019 it switches sheets when run. The Workbook has 6 sheets and the code below runs from a button on...
  19. J

    Add Hyperlinks

    Where ws is a worksheet and LR is the last row, I am trying to add a hyperlink to another location (asheet.cel.Address). The text to display is an array of data that I am trying to find. When I run this, however, I get invalid call or argument error. Any ideas? With ws...
  20. A

    Whats app attached JPEG file

    Hello every one Kindly guide can we send a pic from excel via whatsapp I have below vba code but its can send only text through whatsapp kindly support Dim text As String Dim contact As String text = Range("C1").Value If text = "" Then MsgBox "Enter the Message to be sent!", 64, "PROCEDURE...

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