1. L

    SUMIF matching 2 cells

    Good afternoon all, I am having a problem as I modified my excel workbook and I am unable to find the sum I'm looking for. I keep getting #Value ! I have dates in cells P1 and P2, start date and end date. This is located on a sheet called Records. I have a datasheet that is full of data from 3...
  2. B

    UserForm to replace working code

    I have a bid form that works, but the code is cumbersome. I have a column of check boxes called "include", a column off the same called "Exclude", a column of items to be included or excluded, and column of notes for the item. After selecting the check boxes i have code that adds the selected...
  3. G

    Change workbook name to same as host folder name.

    Hi all, Is there a way to automatically change workbook name dependent on which folder its in? If say the host folder is called "2019" and the workbook is called "test.xlsm". When "test.xlsm" workbook is placed into the "2019" folder the workbook then changes name to 2019.xlsm? regards Ged
  4. D

    Drop down list that can be expanded with new entries

    I need a drop down list of organisations for a cell. I have set it to allow list in the data validation settings but I am not sure of the code to go in the source box. The list is currently on a sheet called CSCs and is a table called tblOrganisation. If you need the table limits, it goes from...
  5. Y

    Get first argument for INDEX from calculated column plus one other question

    I use a formula such as =IF(ROWS($1:1)>COUNT($A$5:$A$1840),"",INDEX(Games!E:E,SMALL($A$5:$A$1840,ROWS($1:1))+4)) to retrieve the value for a given column/row based on the selection from =IF('Analysis Data'!$GU5>0,ROWS($1:1),"") This compresses a list down to only those that have a non-zero...
  6. G

    Erase values linked to external files

    Hi all, I wonder if there is a code for doing the following: I have a WB called WB1 with Sheet1 with links to another WB, called WB2, Sheet2. Is there a possibility to delete all the values that came from this external file (WB2)? I mean erase all of them quickly. Thanks in advance!
  7. J

    Add a new style to the default excel styles

    Hello All This should be easy but I can't get it to work. I made and style in a workbook called Full Date Time. I want to have this be available in all Excel sheets I open from now on. I saved this workbook as a template file, called it Book.xltx and put it in the XLSTART file but it...
  8. L

    list of properties and methods after type . after the object name

    Hi I tried to google this but do not know the name of the list. When I type Workbooks(1) for example and then the dot, I will get a list of all methods etc. What this list called? How I can control it. I mean if it was not there, can I go to settings and enable it? Thank you very much.
  9. G

    Merge different workbooks into one workbook. Setting order

    Hi all, I hope you could help me with this. I have 3 closed WB in a folder, in the following terms: A) WB "A". With one sheet called "A" B) WB "B". With one sheet called "B" C) WB "C". With one sheet called "C" I have another workbook, called "SUMMARY", in the same folder. What I need is to...
  10. Drofidnas

    MsoType for converted Smartshape Rectangles

    Hi I'm writing some code to convert a SmartArt organisation chart to shapes and then extract the text. The converted rectangles don't appear to be msoShapeRectangles though. They are called Freeform xx which isn't a valid mso type. Any idea what they might be?! Thanks Chris
  11. T

    Macro to spell check just the words in a texbox?

    Hi Everyone, I need a macro that when it runs will check the text in a standard shape textbox called "Words 1" please help if you know how to do this, thanks Tony
  12. H

    VBA to pull data from Multiple Worksheets into One

    Hello, I am very new to Excel VBA, i have worked on a few codes based on the forums available on MR Excel. I currently require a vba code for Debtors Management. I have 12 worksheets in a workbook each one for a separate month, in which i have a column called category in which i enter Debtors to...
  13. G

    Can anyone help on amending a formula

    Hi I have this formula and I need to amend it a bit if poss but dont know where to start. =IF(E66=IFNA(VLOOKUP(A66,'TABLEAU '!A:E,5,FALSE),0),"OK",IF(E66=IFNA(VLOOKUP(A66,'Shere Previous Rec'!A:E,5,FALSE),0),"Previous","NO_MATCH")) What im trying to do is delete where it looks in Shere...
  14. K

    Vlookup doesn't yet exist

    Hi guys; I have a excel workbook, that holds a number of worksheet templates, which I call my Control_Workbook I have another Workbook called - Device_Workbook Device workbook has a permanent sheet called Ip_Adresses. My Control_book copies a sheet into my Device_workbook called "Devices"...
  15. D

    Issue getting data from Object field called "count"

    Hi, I'm using VBA to call an API (Untappd) and extract a number of datapoints. This is working fine for me for all the fields I want, other than one called "count". When I write what I need to get the data: Producer.response.brewery.rating.count VBA automatically renames it to...
  16. G

    Stepping thru code

    I have a workbook which contains the Function IsEmailValid(strEmail) It does its job perfectly well, but when I step though other code modules and change the worksheets in any way, this function suddenly gets called and I have to step through it to resume where the code suddenly jumped out. I...
  17. C

    Query to auto populate another field in same record

    Form called Input Allotments that shows the current funds of one state. Subform that shows all that states transactions: master_data_auto_fiscal_year_subform based on a Query. Query: Master_Data_auto_fiscal_year it has all the fields from the MasterData table The query takes the date entered and...
  18. R

    Comparing values on 2 sheets

    Hello all. Sheet1 has a column called workorder. Sheet2 has a column called workorder. I have an input form, when my SAVE button is clicked I need a validation that checks if there is at least one instance of the a workorder number that appears in sheet2.workorder in sheet1.workorder. Thanks all
  19. G

    Help with userform textbox

    Hi everyone, I have a textbox on my userform called "SerialTxt" what i am wanting to do is when a user enters an alphanumeric number with special characters "-" i want that textbox to check cell "P1" on a worksheet called "Data". If the value is the same then allow the user to continue, if the...
  20. F

    Minimum range of variable

    Hello, I have a "variable" (I think its called), called LastRow. And LastRow will find the latest row with data in special column. But if LastRow is empty. It will cause problems and delete information. Can I in some way set a minimum LastRow range? All help would be awesome! LastRow =...

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