cancel inputbox macro

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    Application.InputBox - "Cancel" button

    I am having trouble coding a macro in the case where the response to an InputBox request is the "Cancel" button. As I understand it, the cancel button returns the value "False". The following code results in "Type Mismatch" error 13 at the "If Q = False" line. Q has been defined as a variant. In...
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    application.inputbox 0-value VS CANCEL

    Hi all, I'm using the application.inputbox function to get a value from the user (as currency). If the user clicks cancel, the procedure should end. But it should be possible for the user to input the numerical value 0 and then click OK. How can I know if a 0 was entered or if cancel was...
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    Exit Sub when Cancel is Pressed

    Hi, I have the below macro set up to filter 7 tabs by a user defined entry, choose a printer and then print those tabs, before removing all the filters and going back to the original screen. Works fine, except for when the user hits cancel on the first input box. If cancel is pressed then the...

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