1. J

    Link opening to UNC path instead of mapped drive

    When I double click on the target, the link is opening to the UNC path instead of the mapped location. Can someone let me know how to prevent this? Thank you! Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) Dim activeFolder As String Dim studentFolder As...
  2. Y

    Restricting Range

    Hello All, I use the below code to change the color of a row of cells when a user double clicks. Problem is the row beyond the table its meant to act on is affected. Is there a way to restrict EntireRow so that it only acts within a range? Thanks! Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target...
  3. D

    Excel 2016 - Auto Insert Row with Formula Based on Cell

    Currently have a material tracking workbook which uses a table for organizing. I am hoping someone can help me with producing a code in marco which will insert a new row to "cancel" a specific item by showing the negative value underneath...
  4. K

    Interrupt code with a userform cancel button

    I am attempting to have a macro run within Excel that builds a PowerPoint presentation, and meanwhile have a userform Cancel button displayed while the macro is running. If the Cancel button is clicked, the code should stop running (can finish formatting the slide it's currently on but don't get...
  5. K

    Difference Between MsgBox 'Cancel' and red cross 'Close' button?

    Hi, I have a MsgBox displaying a user selected filepath with OK and Cancel options. IF OK is selected, the code continues. IF Cancel is selected the code loops back for the user to reselect the filepath. I would like: IF the MsgBox is closed (using the red cross in the top right corner) then...
  6. B

    input box if cancel.. exit sub

    I have this code below, it works well with the exception if "cancel" is clicked on the input box. It is selecting all of the shapes on the page and changes the color of them from yellow to brown. So basically it is running the rest of the code after cancel is clicked. Thanks What I would...
  7. N

    Need to get column number from InputBox selection

    Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with an input box command. I'm creating a program that transfers data from one worksheet to another (within the same workbook) and the data is sorted by column under their respective column headings. For example, the first worksheet may contain a column labeled...
  8. N

    VBA, InputBox, Run-time error '424': Object required

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with my InputBox command, I have underlined the part that's returning the error. .... SelectHeading: On Error Resume Next 'Need to let the user select the proper heading. Dim rng As Range Set rng = Nothing Set rng =...
  9. B

    Problems trapping Cancels

    Hi I have a cell L5 validated for a Date and the following code comes into play if the cell contents is changed. On the sheet code page Code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = "$L$5" Then Call Change End Sub On a regular module Code: Sub Change()...
  10. B

    InputBox if Cancel

    How do I get my procedure to exit if cancel is clicked in the InputBox? Sub FindTest_Click() Dim FINDTEST As Variant Dim TestNameRng As Range Dim CurrTest As Variant Set TestNameRng = Range("G7:ProdCodeDesc") FINDTEST = InputBox(" Enter the name of the test, ***EXACTLY*** as it appears on the...
  11. J

    Looking for a Macro expert

    Any one here know anything about macros in excel? Would really appreciate a heads up.
  12. A

    Can't make VBA act on MsgBox results

    Help again: I'm trying to allow a user to decide not to delete a row in a protected table (part of a macro) if they click Cancel in a msgbox that pops up. I was able get the msgbox to pop up when the RemoveRows sub is run, but can't make it exit the RemoveRows sub if the user clicks Cancel...
  13. 0

    Error Trapping on Cancel

    I have written code to export two tabs and rename the file and do other manipliation to the data which works fine as long as the user chooses Yes or No to the messages, but if they choose cancel after the first Yes, an error comes up. My Yes and No responses are working correctly, just the...
  14. L

    macro to have user select a range

    I am in need to have an application.inbox prompt a user to enable the user to click a particular cell. From there i need the address of the cell as well as the sheet. Dim MyRange As Range Set MyRange = Application.InputBox("Select the range to process", Type:=8) If Not MyRange Is Nothing...
  15. L

    How to Cancel an InputBox

    I don't know why this isn't working and I've tried a bunch of different combinations, but basically i'd just like to exit the sub if the user clicks the cancel button. I've tried the variations of code below: Anyone see where the issue is? I keep getting type mismatch errors. Resp =...
  16. S

    Msgbox Automatic OK In VBA

    Hi All, I have a macro in my main workbook that runs before I get to work in the AM that opens several workbooks and runs macros within those workbooks. The macros within the other workbooks call msgbox's on open that ask the user if they want to refresh click ok or cancel. I am having issues...
  17. S

    exit save as macro if filename already exists

    Ok I have a Template workbook that has an auto save as macro that triggers on open. It creates the filename based on criteria entered into a few input boxes buy the user. The problem I am having is that there are many different templates that I have with a simmaler macro, and sometimes the...
  18. T

    FollowHyperlink Cancel

    Is there a way to cancel the FollowHyperlink event?
  19. NuJoizey

    Cancel change event?

    A user mistakenly clicks a checkbox from False to True. I want a message box to pop up saying "Are you sure?" If user responds "NO" then I want to exit out of the routine and set the checkbox back to False. But the problem is that when I do this, the event is re-fired and AddCols() procedure...

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