1. G

    Certain Cap

    How do I Cap if i want lets say -50% the minimum and +50% the max?.
  2. C

    Bonus calculation with a cap on the return for the quarter

    I have the following formula - =(January!E3+February!E3+March!E3)/3. How woud I add a cap of 15%
  3. H

    Summing to a point

    Hi, I have the below data that I want to sum, but only to a certain point: <tbody> Number of cats 7 8 10 11 12 Cumulative cats 7 15 25 8 0 Cap on the number of cats 33 </tbody> I have information on the number of cats in each house, as can be seen it is 7 in...
  4. W

    Combining Fields in Pivot Chart

    I am trying to graph the frequency of a series of cap rates but want to also show the average age of properties that have that cap rate. For example, the chart will show there are 3 properties with a 6.5% cap rate, 6 properties with a 6.75% cap rate etc. but I also want to see the average age...
  5. B

    Only run macro if cell is blank

    I have a macro that if a number is put into column F9:F80 it will puts a text in the next column. The issue I am have is I also track changes made to the sheet so when I click on any cell, the macro runs & even though there is already a number in column F & text in column G it will re-enter the...
  6. A

    Real Estate Commission with Cap Formula

    Hello All! Via some google searches, I found a few similar questions answered by you fine people but didn't see my exact question and couldn't tweak on my own. Here is the scenario: Agent has an 80/20 split with the brokerage. If they sell 100000.00 house, they get 3% commission (3000) and...
  7. ryansapp

    NESTED IF/SUMIFS/DATE Criteria situation and struggle

    <!--StartFragment--> Needing a month-to-date conversion tracking formula (based oncampaign_name[B], date [A], and summation of clicks [C]), assume column A is spanning all days and months through the end of year. Simple enough, I know,..but for whatever reason I'm struggling with setting up the...
  8. C

    change first letter of the text or sentence using vba

    hi all are there any syntax of how to change only the first word of the text or sentence to upper cap format using vba? so far in vba excel, there are only all lower cap, all upper cap and proper sentence.
  9. F

    Dynamically List a Group of Investments?

    Hello. I am one solid notch above novice, but a quick learner, and was hoping someone could help get me started with a solution. I have a large list of investments that contain various pieces of information (Name, Ticker, Asset Class, Performance data...). The list itself changes frequently...
  10. I

    Allocate amount to multiple pots/fund according to priority and remaining shortfall

    Hi I'm a first time user motivated to join by the Excel problem I have. (Excel 2007/ Win 7) I'm attempting to set up a speadsheet to manage my savings. Each month I designate some of my income (x) towards my savings. I have multiple savings pots eg. emergency fund, kid's education fund...
  11. R

    Big Project-Capitalization tables, modeling, advanced searching.

    So this is a rather difficult project-one with many answers and one where I'll need a lot of help. Please PM me or email me if that seems more reasonable. I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Heres the issue: I currently work with lots of Capitalization tables from different companies. These...

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