1. C

    Fixed a formula in a cell which can be copied

    <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Buy Product A 3 2 Buy Product A 3 3 3 4 Sell Product A 1 =(1 x 3) 5 Sell Product A 2 =(2 x 3) 6 Sell Product A 4 =(4 x 3) 7 8 Buy Product B 14 9 7 10 Sell Product B 5 =(5 x 7) 11 Sell Product B 6 =(6 x 7) 12...
  2. TAPS_MikeDion

    MS Excel for Mac 2011 - VB Ver 14.0 - Escape Key capture

    Hi all, Does anyone know if VB key capture works with Excel for Mac 2011? I have tried several different methods to capture the ESC key being pressed and I can't seem to get it to do anything. The last simple thing I tried was: Application.OnKey "{ESC}", "EscapeKeyPressed" inside the...
  3. N

    unique code

    I needhelp to design a formula in excel to develop a unique random code, forexample I have "Received" word in A1 cell then I want to get acode in B1 cell, code should capture “R” from A1 cell then contain today’s currentdate 011019 (01 day, 10 month, 19 year) then capture any random numerical...
  4. J

    Detect Enter Key and search value in a range

    Hi friends. How to do: the user start capture in cell A1="APPLE" go to A2 and capture "ORANGE" and then the user capture in A3="APPLE" here how to check every capture if exist say a message: "Error, captured on A1" or only can do the task, with a button and with vba code? thanks
  5. G

    To capture current Date when a particular cell is copied or clicked

    Hi, Please help me with VBA code to capture the current date when a particular cell in excel is clicked or copied. like doubleclick or rightclick event. <tbody> Order# Status Comments Last access date AD1212462 Completed Login success </tbody>
  6. S

    4th most common text value

    I currently have the following formula to capture the 3rd most common text value from a range. I cant seem to change this in order to capture the 4th most common text value...
  7. A

    Pivot Chart Frustration

    Can anyone help? I am attempting to capture a percentage of a count in a column in a pivot chart. Example: In January 3000 customer service calls were made. Of which 300 were unresolvable. I am attempting to capture what percentage of January's calls could not be resolved and display it on a...
  8. C

    Capture Weird data from a cell

    Hey Folks! I'm trying to figure out how to capture specific locations in a cell. <tbody> <tbody> Basically below is a column from a report I pull. My boss would like me to be able to pull out the speedtest download and upload and show it in a report with the areas that are associated with...
  9. kelly mort

    Compare two variables from two different events

    I am looking for a way to capture a textbox data with two variables then compare to see if they match or not. That's, when I enter the textbox, I want to capture it's value. Then when I Exit that textbox, I want to capture that value as well. It may happen that I just enter and leave or I...
  10. D

    How to get Windows userid in Access

    Is there a way to capture a userid in Access? I have an Access program that is on a network and use so sort of Windows authentication to sign on. I want to capture the person's userid in order to grant certain Access tables in my application.
  11. J

    VBA Screenshot given cell range

    Dear All, I currently have a spreadsheet that will be copied and pasted into a power point presentation each time it is used. Is there a way to capture a screen print of a given cell range (A1:AE132) or what is currently on screen (Excluding the top ribbon, Formula bar and headings) using a VBA...
  12. A

    Capture the last Reference no.

    Hi Guys, Good day. Can someone help me on my little project. I have plenty series of Reference number that need to update every day and i would like to capture the last reference number just to remind me that that is the last ref number. For example: <tbody> FMGP-2019-5672 FMGP-2019-5673...
  13. S

    Need help with Regular Expression

    I have had a hard time finding a site that explained the construction of a regular expression. But they all seem to copy each other and leave "Capture Group" vague. So this is a possible string from which I want to extract the words. I will type the tabs as (tab) so you know where they are. I...
  14. M

    How to capture cell value on update?

    Hey guys! Thank you for taking time to read my post. I am stuck:confused:. I have some code that captures a cell's value on a timer, but I want it to capture the value only when it updates. It is for a live data connection to my stock broker. I want to capture the "last price" and record it on...
  15. J

    when user capture is possible know the order of the capture?

    Hi friends is possible know by sample: user go to A! and capture 100 go to G1 and capture 45 go to B1 and capture -50... is possible know the order of the capture? Thanks
  16. M

    Retrieve SLicer Selection

    In Excel 2016. I am using a slicer from a Table simple as a list simple list selector. How can I capture the selected item text in VBA. Example Data A B C I would have a slicer that would list A, B and C. I select C. How can I capture this. Slicer is called "Slicer 1"
  17. R

    Context Menu Events?

    Hello, Is it possible to capture a context(right click) menu event? Like to show a msgbox when you click delete on the cell context menu. I've searched everywhere online, but I can't seem to find anything. I know that I can make a custom context menu, however that is not what I want. I...
  18. O

    Counting values based on a criteria in the next cell

    Hi, I update a roster for the entire month in the attached format and intend to capture shift details. Row 1 indicates the holidays marked as 'H' and row 4 captures the individuals working in the night shift. For costing purposes I want to count how many times BB has worked the night...
  19. V

    Check and Capture first date not in order

    Hello, Have a column representing dates in order of months a security is in a portfolio. Some months the security is not in the portfolio. Would like a formula to capture the first month the security comes back in the portfolio after a break. Eg listed below the security is absent between Jan...
  20. E

    Capture and display the cell number being double click as a History record

    Hi All expert, Can I check with you.. As I have a Tools booking system. However, notice, people book already and then unbook later. So I want to track who double click the cell to unbook. How? I intend to record down the action that the user did in the form. Now I can record down the user name...

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