1. K

    Code not working

    Hello, I'm trying to delete some rows from my data-set depending on what values certain cells contains (see code below). It works fine if the cell is 3, the macro returns the correct values - but for the rest of the cases, the rows won't delete. (for the reccord, I don't know for certain if the...
  2. Sumeluar

    Apply case to named range

    Hello all - I've looking al over for a solution to my dilemma at no avail. After extensive Google search I found the below code which is applying Case to anything on column "C" which is not ideal for my need, the question is: Can I get someone's help to modify the code that only applies to Named...
  3. R

    Need help with formula

    Currently this counts if anything is entered in the cell range. I want it to count .5 if the value is lower case, 1 if the value is upper case, and 0 if no value. Your help is appreciated! =COUNTA(April[@[1]:[31]])
  4. G

    Code to multiple sheets

    Hi All, Can you please take a gander and see what am I doing wrong here? Its just a code to hide columns based on a row that has "X" in place. It works on the active sheet but doesn't go to the next ws. THanks in advance. Sub TEST_TEST() Dim ws As Variant, Xrow As Long, LCol As Long...
  5. A

    Case inside For loop?

    Hello. I have 3 different types of data in Range("A:A") : warnings, errors, good data. The criteria that makes a value either warning, error or good is stored in cells C1, C2, C3, C4. If the value of a cell in A:A is between C1 and C2 or between C2 and C3 it is a warning. If it is greater than...
  6. Pinaceous

    VBA If thismonth then lock sheet# criteria

    Hi All, I'm working with a workbook where it opens up to a specific sheet# based upon the current month. For example, if it is: October it opens up to Sheet1 . . . September it opens up to Sheet 12 in using this code: Sub MonthSheetSelect() Dim shtname As String Dim thismonth As Long...
  7. B

    Create unique "id" from codes with different cases

    Hi all I have a large table including Salesforce Id's, which are supposed to be "unique", but unfortunately also use case to make them so. The table uses data that includes a range of Salesforce Id's, from just one, to many rows with the same id. I need a way to convert these id's into truly...
  8. B

    Select Query based on day of the week

    I have a query that every day pulls yesterday's data from an sql database and drops it into Access. SELECT Date, InvoiceNo, Customer FROM SalesDatabase WHERE Date=Yesterdaysdate What I need it to do though is when today's date is a Monday, I need it to gather the data for Friday, Saturday...
  9. S

    VBA: When Sheet Changes - Issues with in cell formula

    I have some simple code that I have used previously. I have adapted to a different circumstance, however, I am not getting the desired effect. Here is the code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim cell As Range Rows.AutoFit On Error GoTo...
  10. L

    cells.value vs cells.formula

    Hi In this code, I do not see any difference between cell.value and cells.formula when it comes to entering a formula. They both did the same thing. Am I right? Is there any case, I have to use cells.formula instead of cells.value? Thank you very much. Sub insert_formula() Cells(11...
  11. B

    Inserting Multiple Rows In Very Large Worksheet

    Hoping someone might have some thoughts on optimizing the code below. I am inserting 5 rows each time a new employee is found. Then adding the text for the pay category. I have done some research and was wondering if "Resize" may be a viable option. Thanks, Bob X = 2 Do Until Cells(X...
  12. B

    Deleting certain rows in 95,000 row worksheet

    I am using the code below to search cells for certain criteria and then keeping certain rows and deleting certain rows. This code currently takes around 1 hour to process 95,000 records. I need help in determining if there is a better way. Thanks, 'Delete Level 1's and certain Level 2's X =...
  13. P

    Inventory VBA

    Hello, I've received and modified a simple VBA from another excel and i was wondering if anyone could help me modify even more. The thing i need is that the range of this code would be across all documents worksheets. I1,I2,I3 stays in the first sheet. Date and Name in any other if I2 or I3...
  14. E

    How to calculate Average Handling Time (AHT

    Hello everyone, Hope you are having a great week. I am trying to figure out a way to calculate AHT (Average Handling time) for each cases irrespective of the dates. Just to summarize the table, DE stands for Data Entry. Average handling time is calculated as the total time taken to complete a...
  15. I

    Search Multiple tables on multiple worksheets - find next item.

    Morning All, I have a search option on my Userform enabling the user to search via Client or Opportunity name, and use the below code to find the result and populate various text/comboboxes on the search form. This enables the user to check it is the correct record before selecting it...
  16. A

    A further 32 to 64 bit conversion problem

    Hi, I'm using this really cool function in 32 bit Excel. It says I should not alter it.. but even if I try by just adding ptrsafe I can't get it to work. Is there a another similar routine I could use in 64 bit environment? Any help appreciated. Here is the full function. 'This code was...
  17. I

    Could you check my code, userform to worksheet please

    Hi, The code is shown below. I have a userform with Comboboxes ComboBox1 is MONTH ComboBox2 is YEAR Month is to be inserted into cell A3 Year is to be inserted into cell C3 When i press my transfer button the YEAR isnt shown on the worksheet but the MONTH is entered into cell A3 Please can...
  18. S

    Product + Sum (if)

    It is possible to have a formula where i can add a sum to a product? And in my particular case, is it possible that the result of the cell have the sum of a value just only if there are particular conditions? MY case =PRODUCT(S15,0.3) I placed this formula in order to have the result of...
  19. A

    Extracting some data from a string in a cell

    One more help needed. In one column i have multiple email addresses of different length. For eg: How can i extract value after "@" and before "." which in this case is "rediffmail" ??
  20. D

    vba code to refresh data from OneStream

    Hi, I have a user that logs into OneStream and gets all his data in Excel but he has several files, but I need to refresh all these files through a macro. The problem is how to I do this? I tried the following macro but it doesn't work: For Each cnct In ThisWorkbook.Connections Select case...

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