catastrophic failure

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    System Error &H8000FFF (-247418113). Catastrophic failure

    I have now twice had this error, where I email a spreadsheet with macros to another person. It is working when I send it using share via email. When they get it there is a problem. When I go and open the original, I also get the problem. System Error &H8000FFF (-247418113). Catastrophic failure...
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    Help Understanding and Fixing Out of Memory & Automation error Catastrophic failure Messages

    I have a macro that is the most advanced I have built. However, it often crashes when saving if I have previously edited or ran it in my workbook. I typically get an "Out of Memory" error message and have recently received a "Automation error Catastrophic failure" error message. Bellow is the...
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    Automation Error Catastrophic Failure

    Hello, I'm getting this error when I open a workbook after making a change to a user form (adding a worksheet print preview) Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Automation error Catastrophic failure Running Windows 10 (up to date) with MS Office Pro 2016 (up to date) Looking at older...
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    Something not to do

    I am pretty sure that if you create a named range (through VBA) with a value for “RefersToR1C1” that is not in the form of “R1C1” you will get a "Catastrophic Error"...whic is ominous to read and difficult to undo. All my sheets were duplicated in the VBA explorer window, so I had to go back...
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    Catastrophic Error message

    I have just written a program for someone with about 3,000 lines of VBA and when they try to open it they said this... """ All I get are a long neverending series of error popups such as: "System Error &H8000FFF (-2147418113). Catastrophic failure." "Out of memory." Then the project opens...
  6. M = Catastrophic Failure

    The app causes a Catastrophic Failure on some computers. At my office we all have the same computers but it does not fail on all of them. I have run it on old old laptops and it works fine. On my computer it fails as soon at i enable Macros and it starts to load the form and it failed on...

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