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    Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Hi, I use a Try-Catch block to catch errors in my code. This is not strictly VBA code, but VB.NET code which is very similar. I am not sure this is the appropriate forum. I use a general exception to trap my error: Try Catch ex As Exception End Try When the error I have in mind happens, I...
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    Error Handler Logic required

    Hi All, I am trying to automate a mail sending process. I want to catch a particular error that is when someone's name in 'To' or 'CC' field is not resolved. Below is the code snippet - . . answer = MsgBox("To continue select YES", vbYesNo) If answer = vbYes Then On...
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    Stop or at least catch Students Cheating on Excel -

    Hello All, I'm an adjunct instructor. My Excel tests and homework are "shared". Usually I can catch them when I review the formulas because I recognize the same formula error or weird spelling. Is there anyway stop sharing files especially during a test. I just had a case where one student...
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    vba to close workbook

    Hi. I would like a macro that closes another spreadsheet at the end of a macro. The sheet always starts with the name 'formdata' but may have different number&letter sequence after the name. So to catch all I want the vba to close the file beginning with 'formdata' Something like...
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    Catching special Characters in vba

    The Macro I made requires 2 open workbook. 1st workbook is where it will automatically be filled up based on the contents of the 2nd workbook. The macro will ask the name of the 2nd workbook then after clicking "ok", the 1st workbook will be filled with the data. the name of the workbook is...

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