1. D

    Select registers without best results by category

  2. T

    Stupid Scientific Category

    This whole scientific non-sense that Excel defaults to for some numbers is quite annoying. Background: I have a list of phone extensions from a PBX. The list includes the port number to which each extension is associated. The following is an example of some of the ports: 01E0205, 01E0713...
  3. P

    How to count a formula?

    In my data, I get only the date-of-birth. I made a formula to get the age- =INT((TODAY()-C276)/365) and then I make an age category: =IF(D2<12,"Child",IF(D2<18,"Adolescent","Adult")) The summary data is done by the pivot table so I show all therapy service hours by age cat. I would like to...
  4. T

    Looking up Categories on a different tab and summing the totals

    Hi, I am tring to get Category totals looking up what category a meal is in from another tab and summing the totals on this page. <tbody> Category Total $$ App Salad Entre Drink </tbody> The table below is on a different tab <tbody> Dish Category Salsa & Chips App Bean Dip...
  5. P

    How best to add category to age

    Hello- I have data as this: How would be cleanest way to do this. to populate the blank column Name age Category Joe 19 Sue 24 Berli 10 I would l calculate the age category so that age <12 = child 12-17 - Adolescent 18+ = adult Name age category Joe 16...
  6. B

    Finding cell data when condition is true

    I have two different spread sheets with categories and I want to pull the category ID of sheet B into sheet A. While they have similar names they are not identical so I cannot do a simple VLOOKUP or other similar method. What I want to do is search if any part of the category name in sheet A is...
  7. M

    Issue with TEXTJOIN, multiple criteria. IF/AND function

    Hi I am unsure how to attach an example workbook for my query. As you can see from the image above, I have Company, which has two data sets associated with it - Product and Category. I am looking to allow someone to input the product and category then be given a , separated 'list' of...
  8. M

    Finding Date Fails with .Find

    Hello, I am having a very strange issue where I select two dates (in the format mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss) and a table is generated with data from the Start Date and End Date. There is a 'data storage' sheet, Sheet4, that has all potential dates to choose from in Row 4. There are 5 columns of data...
  9. A

    Counting values in 1 column based on a category in another

    Hello, I need a formula to count values from one column(Vendor) by the category of another. From there need to sum the value if the count is greater/equal to 2. EG.) Category......... Vendor......... Count(formula)........ Value.......... Sum(formula) Blue...
  10. S

    VBA Code for Sorting

    Dear Experts, I have a set of data as shown below <tbody> Category A Name Due Year Sam 2021 John 2020 Tony 2024 Rahul 2020 Harry 2023 Category B Bill 2021 Tom 2022 Steve 2020 Alan 2024 Walter 2021 </tbody> I want to create tabs with three different colors...
  11. Skybluekid

    Multi Level Category Graph

    Hi All, Are able to produce a Multi Level Category Graph with Power BI?
  12. R

    Average if on dynamic Range

    Hello, I have a worksheet that I want to add an average row after each category. I can get the added row but how do write a formula to select the changing ranges for each category? The example shows the original data and what is should look like after the macro runs.Excel...
  13. H

    Formula for multiple conditon

    Sir/Mam, I would like to request for a formula that will categorize my data. As seen on table below, i have Member ID and Category. what formula will i use to have the Category to identify VIP and REGULAR customer. i have separated table that have the list of MEMBER ID which is VIP. <tbody>...
  14. R

    Sumproduct with Index / Match or Vlookup not returning array

    Hello – Similar to challenges others have described here, I’m having troubles with using Vlookup Index/Match along with Sumproduct. Those two functions don’t want to return an array in my formula. Scenario: I have an invoice table with an Invoice #, Item Code, Sales Price, and Quantity. Each...
  15. M

    How do I extract data from a column of tables and into a column?

    In the image below, row 1 is Category 2. The Count column isn't needed, but I want the data from the Name column in each table I want the column to have the Name data in a single column. Meaning ... I'd like a column that says: Al, Ron, Frank Row 2 is Category 3 and that table has: Jessi...
  16. M

    Marksheet formula

    Excel 2007 Reg: Marksheet formula Columns B to J are in numerical format containing marks obtained. Helper Cell K1 contains 50 in numerical format, minimum required marks for a "Pass". Columns B,C & D are category 1 and student should pass at least 2 subjects (out of 3) Columns...
  17. B

    Blanks in a pivot table

    I have a project due at work in 2 hours so I'm hoping I can get some help before that! I have a huge set of data with some blanks. See example below: <tbody> Order # Shipping Cost Our Charge Province Weight Class 100 $20 $10 ON 0-5 101 $10 BC 0-5 102 $30 $10 PQ 5-10...
  18. J

    Creating TreeView in UserForm

    Hi, I am looking for any geniuses that can help me make a TreeView in Userform. There are barely any tutorials online, and I still have no idea on how to make them. I provided a picture below of what kind of TreeView that I want and the table database sample. Also, I would like to have the...
  19. D

    Need help grouping Categories and Sub-Categories

    Hello, I need to run a report for work to show me revenue and qty sold in each categories, and sub-categories. Unfortunately my ERP system doesn't break the category down so I have had to do it manually in Excel, this is how it's shown on our system - "Catheters > Gloves > Powder Free...
  20. B

    Find matching number for the result

    Hello All, I encountered a situation that I need your help with a formula to get the result as shown “result” range row J1:X1. The calculation based on weekly updated table on the left. If found a MATCH number from the “numberID” row J2:X2 in the Category row “A, B, L1A, L2UA, and T” , then...

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