1. M

    Dynamic Pivot Table/Macro Question

    Hi, I have created a macro for a table I made. Macro works fine, except when I refresh my dataafter running the macro, my data file changes from: =OFFSET(DATA!$A$1,0,0,COUNTA(DATA!$A:$A),COUNTA(DATA!$1:$1)) to: =OFFSET(DATA!#REF!,0,0,COUNTA(DATA!#REF!),COUNTA(DATA!$1:$1)) I do not know what...
  2. B

    calculation without Circular reference

    Have a question if I may, I want to use two adjoining cell;let say C3 & D3 and I would like to be able to put a figure in either ofthese and have the empty cell calculate either way. How can this be achievedwithout causing a circular reference? Steve
  3. S

    Excel for Office 365 very slow

    Hello, We have recently installed 64-bit excel for Office 365, and it seems to be very slow in response time / stickiness in cells. Anyone know what might be causing this? thanks
  4. C

    Circular Reference Problem

    I have a workbook with many tabs and use the same formula on some of them. The formula? =TODAY()-(WEEKDAY(TODAY(),2))-7 One just one of at least 4 tabs that uses this exact equation, I get a Circular Reference warning. It's not really causing any issues as it produces correct info, but it's...
  5. L

    Sorting question

    Hi I want to pick your brain please. I want to sort this excel file - Sort the column "HomeRoom". What is the best way to do that? The file has many merged cells that causing all king of issues. Thank you so much.
  6. E

    Error Occurred During Loading

    I get this error when opening my macro enabled Excel workbook. I shows before the Workbook_Activate macro. Can anyone tell me where I can find what error is causing this message or what I can do to trap/log the error? Thanks
  7. S

    Object Variable or With Block Variable Not Set

    D = PA.Worksheets(g).Range(Cells(B, "A"), Cells(2, C)) receiving an error on the above line, not sure what is causing it...B, C are both integer variables, g is a string variable, and PA is a workbook variable. Syntax?
  8. D

    Creating Word documents from Excel VBA

    Hello, I have an Excel VBA script that creates multiple Word documents. I've been using it for a few years and it's been working great. I have roughly 350 files. The script used to create the Word documents and save them as PDFs in about 45 minutes. In the last few months, it's slowed...
  9. H

    sortfields.clear method causing "Automation Error Exception Occured" in Office 2016 Windows 10

    I have the following line of code that is causing the "Automation Error Exception Occurred" error. Works fine in other versions of Office.I tried to record a macro to see how Office 2016 handles clearing a sort, but using that code just caused errors. Any help would be appreciated...
  10. J

    Confusing Issue in 2016

    So I maintain a database of Property Address', Names and Phone Numbers. I have to frequently delete information, as it is no longer needed. From time to time I delete a phone number where an obvious duplicate is found. Each phone number is kept in it's own cell inline with it's respective owner...
  11. E

    Quotation Marks Causing Error

    I'm trying to get excel to put a formula into a cell. This works fine with text and simple formulas. Sheets("Sheet1").Range("D11").Formula = "=SUM(A1:A20)" However I need it to print the following into the cell ad the quotation marks are giving me errors. Sheets("Sheet1").Range("D11").Formula...
  12. J

    DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY MACRO - - -Need help Cleaning a "Clear Contents" Macro

    I am attempting to clear various cells within a workbook. However, writing a macro that clears each cell individually freezes my workbook. I've tried selecting all cells at once then clearing. This is causing a "union" and causing additional issues. If anyone could help with this that would be...
  13. P

    Please Help: Tabbing through userform not working

    I've searched for a solution to this, but can't find anything. There is an old thread I found where someone was having this same issue many years ago, so I thought I'd start a new one and maybe someone can explain this to me. This only happens intermittently. Only sometimes, when I press tab or...
  14. S

    Find a duplicate in a column.

    Basically I have a list of part sales with the previous years sales numbers in each row. Sometimes a customer orders the same part two different times causing it to show up on the excel report twice. This is a problem because it is causing the 2017, 2016, etc data to show up twice as well. When...
  15. M

    Pivot Table Overlapping

    I have a workbook with many pivot tables and today when I update I get PivotTable report cannot overlap another PivotTable report. I have inserted many rows and columns and still I get the dreaded message. How can I find the pivot table that is causing my blood pressure to rise? Thanks for...
  16. A

    Excel VBA help

    Hi All, Everytime I record a Macro for some reason the first action is Delete. = even though i did not press delete while recording macro. This is is causing issues when I try to re run the macro. Can someone please why this happens? Sub Macro2() ' ' Macro2 Macro ' ' Delete. = "Hello"...
  17. R

    "go to" Dropbox unexpectedly appears

    I am writing a large programme - far too big to post - and, after it runs through two or three reiterations, it starts to put a standard "Go To" Dropbox up. I have no idea what is causing it - there is nothing in my code calling for that to happen. Please can anyone suggest what might be happening?
  18. S

    IF AND - multiple statements - VBA EASIER WAY??

    I have about 12 statements that I need to verify are "TRUE". However, something that seems like it should be simple is causing me headaches. I am working to incorporate this into a macro and thus far, I've just gone ahead and used the: =IF(AND formula to try and help me sort out the problem...
  19. M

    Macro is causing workbook to repair frequently - Attempt 3

    Hi all, This is my 3rd attempt to try and get an issue fixed with one of my workbooks. These are the errors I'm encountering which happen about 25% of the time I open the workbook: Attempt 1...
  20. S

    Can someone explain this formula in laymans terms

    I was given a large sheet and this formula seems to be causing an issue, thanks in advance =IFERROR(REPLACE(N8,FIND("'X'",N8,1),3,F8),N8)

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