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    userform combobox - autocomplete with drop down box

    has anybody got a snippet of code to make a combobox auto complete? as the user types in a name into the cbo, i would like them to be able to select from a list that drops down below the combobox.
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    Need MACRO for accounting of VOI consumption (FIFO)

    Hello. I have (2) tables. PartNo is alphanumeric. TABLE1 data is from Vendor. This is the shipment register. Assume that each shipment/PackList is for a single PartNo but multiple quantities. Columns: PartNo, ShipDate, ShipQty, PO, PackList. <tbody> PartNo ShipDate ShipQty PO Packlist...
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    VBA - Userform - Pulling data into the userform by looking for a header record and not using a named range

    I have a userform that will pull the data in from a sheet, but the sheet does not have named ranges. I am using header records instead (i.e. Main_Fruit). The problem I am coming up w/ is when I try to extend the dependent combo boxes to show specific data for the options chosen in the first...

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