cell color

  1. D

    Overriding Conditional Formatting Color with Manual Entries of a different color

    Hi Everyone! (Sorry this is so dense) I am trying to find a way to use conditional formatting to override my existing conditional formatting, while still retaining it underneath. I want to do this by having the conditional format recognize when I have input a date manually VS. our...
  2. C

    Coloring cells based on a date range

    Hey all, I asked a question similar to this the other day, but have changed my approach and wanted to get some input. Based on the date ranges in the table below, is it possible to use conditional formatting, or VBA, to color cells a solid color. Even better, if possible, can I use a gradient...
  3. S

    VBA search tool to return data and cell color

    Hello, This is my first post so please go easy on me!! I have an excel file that allows me to enter in data in 2 cells and return any matching values, it works great but when it returns the data it is not returning the cell color. So when a cell matches it should bring back the content and...
  4. H

    Formatting cells with variable values

    Hello there I would like to find a VBA to format the cells ($A:$B), based on the values in $C and $D, which are variable, with the result in columns $E and $F, as per the below sample: Source Delays Desired Font Desired Color Result 1 Result 2 John Doe 1 45 BOLD #C00000 John Doe 1 45...
  5. J

    Excel/VBA - Fill color of a cell in pivot table according to column value in source table

    Hello! I want to make a pivot table to control clients' payments. This pivot table has as source a table in another sheet, like this (I made a simpler table just to use as example): I want the pivot table to have these elements: Row1 - Client Row2 - Type of income Column - Month Values -...
  6. S

    Function Not Working with Conditional Formatting

    Hi; Made a function which checks if the cell color is red or yellow and returns the word or returns nothing"". The sheet with the function looks into another workbook with conditional formatting which turns the cell into three/four colors dependent on the cell input. My issue is that the...
  7. J

    Checkbox Conditional Formatting Referencing with Cell Color Counting Problem (Multiple Worksheets)

    Hi, So I am in the process of creating a spreadsheet for a business venture and I am using the spreadsheet as an internal worksheet for services that we provide. On worksheet 1 I have an extensive list of services we provide. Each service is connected to a checkbox. Worksheet 2 is our service...
  8. M

    Count Cell Colors

    I have a column of dates and depending on the date, my conditional format will fill the cell with a specific color. I am trying to count the number of cells with a specific color. I've tried the GET.CELL function (although I may be doing it wrong) to try and return the background color value...
  9. I

    Counting cells with colours

    Hello. I need help counting cells that contain colours using a formula. I have data that looks like this: How can I count green cells in both columns B and C and display the total in cell B7? (so it should be 1). How can I count the green or orange cells in column B and put the total in A7...
  10. O

    Double click to change cell to multiple color or back to original

    Below is a piece of code from another thread where double clicking on a cell changes the cell to red. If you double click on the cell again it changes back to its original color format. I am looking to see if there is a way to add additional colors to the choices. For Example, the first double...
  11. K

    display message box when cell color is red

    I have a cell with conditional formatting to turn red when a certain condition is met. is there a VBA code that will display a message box stating duplicate based on a cell color? so what I need is when a cell turns red, a message box to appear showing duplicate. here is the code I have but it...
  12. P

    Search value in array and color if meats conditions

    Hello all! I`m trying to write a macro that goes through all cell in AQ column, splits information in every cell into array and if conditions are met, color the cell. <tbody> # AQ COLUMN 1 line Email Address 2 line Name Surname; Name.Surname@email.com; 3 line Name Surname...
  13. D

    VBA Cell Color Won't stick

    Hello Everyone, I recorded a macro to make specific cells red and the text white. when I run it before saving, it turns red and makes the text white. however, after saving it or sending it to someone, it wont change the format of their cells. Any reason why that would be so...
  14. T

    Conditional Formatting (or an If Then statement?), Highlighting cells based on varying data

    I have one column of names that is fixed, and a list of names that I get on a weekly basis. For example: Varying Names Fixed Names Brandon Steve Lucas Drew Andrew Jordan Jake...
  15. K

    Form Checkbox Automatically Ticks when the color of another cell changes to Green

    Hi! I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to get a form checkbox (open to using ActiveX as well if easier) to automatically tick once the color of another cell changes. So if the color of A1 becomes green (and I can indicate what green exactly or if possible within a range would also...
  16. T

    Change Cell Color Based on Color Index and Value

    Hi all, I could use a hand with this one. I have tested this on a single cell and it works great, however, I want to apply this to an entire sheet. ie Range(A1:BP65). With that said, A1 on the code is set as Today() and the intent is to run the code to determine what cells are passed due. I...
  17. T

    Conditional Formated Cell Color and SUM issues

    Hello, first time poster but long time reader of this forum, it has been a great help! Okay... I have a column of dates and have colored the rows by days of the week using conditional formating based on formula "=WEEKDAY($B9,1)=7" and applies to a range of "=$B$9:$BR$55" Next I want to sum...
  18. M

    Chart - vba to color scatter plot based on cells color

    Hello, I have a macro that will create a scatter plot and then color all the curve to a specific color that I hard code in. I would like more freedom with this and have the macro color the curves based on the cell color that the series name resides in. The example below would plot the...
  19. klynshoe

    Change default font & cell colors for editing

    USING EXCEL 2010 Hello, I have an excel spreadsheet and want to highlight and change the font/cell color of any changes that I make automatically. I will be sitting in a meeting making edits real-time and would like to be able to quickly show the changes without having to edit every cell...
  20. klynshoe

    If (cell color) equals, then...

    Hello, I have some cells under conditional formatting rules to highlight it a certain color. In another worksheet, I want it to pull a particular value if that cell color is highlighted. How would I go about doing this? ~~~~~~~ =if(F5=ORANGE,"",D6) ~~~~~~~ USING EXCEL 2010

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