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    VBA for Cell Comment with User Name, Text Description, Cell Value & Date

    Hi, Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, i have already spent so much time on this & nothing is of any help. I need a VBA which i can run on a selected cell & get the cell comment with user name, Text Description with Cell Value & Current date just like below: Tehlan, Romil: Value...
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    Send E-mail & Comment based on Cell Value

    Hello, Awhile back one of your users (Chris Mack I believe) was super patient with me and my limited VBA skills and helped me develop some macros for a to add/remove lines to track some paint emissions limits. That portion is working great but I've found a need to add another 'feature' because...
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    VBA to copy Cell.Formula to cell comment

    Hi everyone, I have had a shot at some code that will check if a cell in the selected range has a formula and if so add this formula as a text string in the same cell's comments. Public Sub CellFormulaToCellComment() Dim CellInRange As Range 'Dim CellComment as String For Each CellInRange...
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    Copying Image From Cell Comment

    I've got a problem with images in comments and I was hoping for some help. I've been dabbling with creating a macro that allows a user to select an image from "my pictures" and then automatically inserting that image into a cell comment. Unfortunately, while the macro works great, we...
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    Use cell text as a cell comment of another cell

    Hi there, I have another question that I hope someone can help me with this time. (It appears that my first question was a real stumper! See http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=421823) My spreadsheet has a dynamic range dropbox validation in Sheet 1 Col T. What I would like to...
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    HTML markup to add comments to excel cell

    HTML markup to add comments to excel cell Hi, I want to create an html string such that if I just paste that html string into an excel sheet it will add a comment to one cell. Something like: <table> <tr> <td ss:Comment="This is my comment text">my cell text</td> <td>another cell</td> </tr>...

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