cell comments

  1. P

    How can I copy comments to other sheets in a workbook using VBA

    Hi, I have a workbook. First sheet has dates September 1st 2023 to September 30th 2023 (a2 to a31). I have 6 comments in each cell of each row. (columns B,C,D,E,F and G). The next 30 sheets are for the thirty days of September, titled September 1st 2023, September 2nd 2023 etc. Using VBA I want...
  2. M

    VBA: Excel crashes opening file with comments.

    I have an Excel file with a VBA project that had been working just fine until recently. I have finally tracked the problem but it does not make much sense: At one point, the code within the Excel file opens another file to get a value—this second file is provided by an outside third-party. When...
  3. B

    Setting margins in comments with VBA

    I need help writing code to set margins within the cell comments themselves in VBA. I have found posts to set every other kind of margins, but not in cell comments. let me know if you know of any. For Each MyComments In ActiveSheet.Comments With MyComments .Shape.AutoShapeType =...
  4. L

    VBA to Create a Report of Cell Comments, Take 2

    Hi there. I'm attempting to create a user-friendly macro-enabled spreadsheet ("Comments Recap v2.xlsm") that will generate a report of the Excel cell Comments in selected Excel workbooks. The goal is for my users to open my file, click a button, be promoted to select wither a single file or a...
  5. C

    VBA Reading comment out of Cell (syntax?)

    I have seen several examples of how to read cell comments. I am doing it slightly different and I guess my syntax is wrong?? My line that tries to set sComment = Cells(r,c).Comment.Text does not ever grab the Comments from the cell. I'm hoping this is dumb format/syntax problem. DIM...
  6. J

    Cell Comments won't stay in position; float at random

    [Office 2007 and Office 2003] Is there no one else who has this problem??? I have searched this site and elsewhere on the web in the sites of several trusted experts and MVP's, and have even tried to find some help on Microsoft Community, even [gag] Microsoft Support, without success...
  7. C

    VBA to protect all sheets with password AND options of selecting locked/unlocked cells and editing objects

    Hi, I'm new to VBA and need help. I have a workbook with 40 sheets in it that I need to protect. I'd prefer to do this all at once. Users need access into some of the sheets so I want to protect the sheets and allow them to select locked and unlocked cells...along with allow them the ability...
  8. A

    Add cell comments from one cell to another that already has commante in it

    I have to combine the cell contents (values and cell comments) from one cell, to another cell (on the same row) that already contains a value and a comment. I can use paste special to add the values together (I don't need to retain the individual values) but I need to show both sets of comments...
  9. L

    macro for extracting comments

    Hi, Apologies in advance, for the length of the post ...it's long, but what I'm trying to do, I hope, is quite simple. I have a spreadsheet with a column (column A) of data where some of the cells in the column contain comments (i.e. the little boxes with text in that appear when you hover...
  10. Z

    Formatting Comment text in Office 2007

    I've seen a couple of answers on here that I'd already figured out on my own so I thought I'd just post the question again and hope for more details. In Office 2003, I could select text in a comment and click the text color box in the toolbar to change the color of the selected text. It was a...
  11. Maverick99

    Writing UserForm Information to a Cell Comment

    For a particular project, when a user logs in, a UserForm will appear for input on what procedures are needed from the Lab. The UserForm (frmInputProc) has 11 Check Boxes and a Text Box for Special Instructions. When the "Save Data" commandbutton is clicked, I would like Label from each...
  12. M

    How can I extract a fill pattern from a cell comments field

    I have a file where comments are used for some cells. The user does not insert any text into these comments fields, but uses the comments feature to display pictures. A picture is used for the fill pattern of the cell (inserted through fill effects) and that picture is what is displayed when...
  13. H

    Resizing Multiple Comments

    I have a spreadsheet with over 1000 rows, with comments in 1 cell in each row. The problem is that the comment box is too small, and cuts off part of the verbiage. How can I resize all of them at once, so that everything in the comment field is visible?

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