cell content

  1. MrDB4Excel

    Reference a cell's content into a formula

    I am creating a TOC using the following parameters I found on How To Excel's webpage regarding How To Generate A List Of Sheet Names From A Workbook Without VBA Go to the Formulas tab. Press the Define Name button. Enter SheetNames into the name field. Enter the following formula into the Refers...
  2. B

    send email based on cell content, email address varies per submission

    I presently have the following coding: Sub Mail_emsg7() Dim iName As String Dim PRI As String Dim StaffType As String Set xOutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") Set xOutMail = xOutApp.CreateItem(0) iName = Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(10, "E").Value...
  3. U

    Copying multiple lines cells into comment - not working for long strings- VBA

    Dear all, I've been using the website for long time now, always finding the resources I needed to keep on building my sheets. However I have been struggling with the following for a few hours, and can't find a proper answer, anywhere, so far... Situation: I have a whole sheet of numbers, used...
  4. H

    If errors

    Hi all, I have recently been doing a formula which looks at an external file. This vlookup brings back whether a particular language is 'Available' or not for our service manuals to be written in. There are two outcome the Vlookup can return 'Available' or 'No'. I am currently trying to...
  5. A

    Copy formatted cell content to email body

    Hello! I'm currently building a macro that is supposed to copy a formatted cell content (I.E.: a cell with bold, italic and some coloured text like below) The problem is, I'm not managing to copy the cell content with the formatted text. It only goes as plain text. Does someone knows how...
  6. S

    Choosing the correct Excel Formula

    Hi, Can some one guide me in creating a formula to get data from a spreadsheet. Effectively, what I am trying to do is; If a row in column IVR = 2002, and if the column = 2006, Find value (Content) in that cell. Anyone tell me if a IF function, or Index is the best way forward. Thanks...
  7. S

    Launching Macro Based on Selected Cell Value (first two characters?)

    Ok, so I have a macro to sort a very large list of materials by a variety of conditions. The macro runs automatically when a cell on the master list spread sheet is selected and using If/ElseIf it sorts based on what cell they have selected. Example If ActiveCell = "ALUMINIZED" Then...
  8. A

    Why strikethrough font in part of cell content changes font size?

    Hi, I wonder if it does only to me (using Excel 2007): I have e.g. three separate words in one Excel cell, cell being formatted to Arial size 10. I decide to strikethrough one of the three words, which is done, but at the same time the font size of striked-through word is suddenly 8.5 instead of...
  9. C

    using excel cell as pointer in a directory path

    I have a few files all with the same name for a few different members of staff, so I save them in different paths to keep them separate. eg c:\documents\data\jo blogs\excelfile.xls c:\documents\data\fred smith\excelfile.xls c:\documents\data\jane jones\excelfile.xls cells is the sheet...
  10. J

    Cell contents cutting off

    We have run into issues with cell contents cutting off. Even when using the auto-fit options, contents are still often cut off and with a large spreadsheet, it's time-consuming to check each cell. It primarily seems to happen to cells with a lot of text. Any thoughts? We really need to make sure...
  11. C

    Hiding Rows Based on Cell Content Macro

    Hello all I have a list of ingredients and there is a column for each which looks up from another spreadsheet whether the item is currently in use or not (just through a vlookup). Because this is quite a big list and the "in use" part varies what I would like to do is code a Macro that would...

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