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    Assigning Cell Pattern by Reference

    A colleague's spreadsheet uses an IF statement that results in numbers 1-11 and fills the cell with that color (see first attached photo). I don't know how the cell is filled from a single number. My goal is to find a formula to fill a cell with a pattern based on a reference cell such as those...
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    Conditional Macro to Copy & Past Values if Cell Fill Color is Yellow

    Hi All... Background: I have a workbook with multiple sheets that require users input. Every Sheet is full of formulas that total groups of cells or reference cells in other sheets. The Cells where users input data are highlighted in yellow (Fill Color). The remaining Cells in the sheets...
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    VBA not cell filling correctly in IF/THEN structure

    Hello, I am using the following code below to filter a column and color the rows of that contain cells with the correct values (this occurs 3x in my code). My problem is the if e is nothing then the column still colors. I only want the rows to be colored if e is not nothing. Any suggestions...
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    Use cell fill (interior color index) as criteria in sumif or count if

    Hello, Is it possible to create a criteria based formula in excel 2003 that uses cel formatting as a criteria? (without the use of VBA) For example, i have a list of values which all have different cell fill colors. 1 (green cell fill) 3 (yellow cell fill) 5 (blue cell fill) 9 (green cell...

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