cell formating

  1. T

    Text to Columns selection and cell formatting

    Hi all, Currently I have the code below, which converts text to columns. I paste the text (with multiple rows) in cell A1 and run the macro. Sub TextToColumns() Columns("A:A").Select Selection.TextToColumns Destination:=Range("A1"), DataType:=xlFixedWidth, _...
  2. T

    How to set cell back color for a cell that is hidden via an auto filter

    I can't set the cell back color for a cell that is hidden via an auto-filter. Does anyone know how to change the cell color without clearing the auto-filter? Sub SetCellBackColorForAutoFilteredCell() Dim r As Range Dim lo As ListObject Set r = Range("A1:A3") r.Value =...
  3. O

    Excel VBA Cell format - Increment number format

    Hi All, Firstly, thank you for your time helping me with my query. I used Bill Jelen's "Next invoice number" VBA code to help set me up with an invoice template that will generate a new blank invoice and add 1 to the invoice number. My issue is that I have set the first invoice to "SI-00001"...
  4. A

    Formula to calculatie aging then format cells over a specific date

    After reading through several threads on aging formulas, I wasn't able to find a way to achieve the following. I am looking for a formula that calculates the length of employment based on the anniversary date enter in another cell (D11) on the same sheet. Then a condition that changes the cell...
  5. D

    Cell formatting

    I need to know how to select all of the cells in a workbook and get them to start at the top of the cell instead of having a space in between
  6. C

    Can I change cell shading with a drop down without changing the cell value?

    I have a report that uses colorfunction to differentiate between potential, awarded and lost quotes. Not everyone realises that they must use the exact shades in the legend key, so data is getting left out of the totals. I want to create a dropdown of three particular cell background colours...
  7. A

    A few problems with creating a custom sorting list.

    Hey all! I've got a few problems but they're all related to the same thing I'm trying to do, so I'm just going to group them all together in this post. I'm using Windows 7 and Excel 2010. Sorry in advance for the wall of text! First problem: I'm having a hard time trying to create a custom...
  8. F

    how to set cell formating

    Dear All i want to set my formal cell that if the value of formula is 0 (zero) it should show "-"
  9. Y

    Prevent Excel from changing fractions to date WITHOUT limiting number format to Fraction

    Hi, I have a field in my excel file that can either be a number or text depending on the adjacent cells value. Currently I use conditional formating to highlight occurances where non numeric values have been entered in cells that are strictly numeric. The numeric values can be a fraction or...
  10. P

    Referncing a Cell's Formatted Result

    Hi, I'm trying to reference a cell's custom numerical formatted result instead of its cell value. For example: Cell A1 has a value of =.75 and uses custom format "Pass rate: ("0.0%")". The result Cell A1 displayed is therefore: Pass rate: (75.0%) I want Cell A2 to refer to Cell A1's...
  11. S

    How do I get it to stop converting to dates?

    Hi everyone. I've been having a problem lately. Excel loves to convert any number with a dash or slash in it into a date, and sometimes I really don't want it to. I'm text-to-columning a list of people who are assigned divisions in the format 01-01, and as soon as I do text to columns, it...
  12. H

    Formatting content of a cell

    Hi Experts, Is it possible to identify a seaprate line/vbnewline in a cell text. Example i have the following text in Cell A1: "I have a brown dog I also have a black car I have a nice watch" If i have the above text in the cell, then i would like to identify from where is the next...
  13. F

    cell formating

    Can anybody help me in number formating i want to set cell format to 23432/22 Right now my cell custom formating is #,###.00 but i dont need decimal. i need "/" like #,###"/"00 what shoudl i do.
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