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    Create cell name from contents of another cell

    I'm looking for a way to create cell names dynamically. I can find more complex answers to more complex questions, but not this one. For example: I'm trying to name cell B1 based on the contents of cell A1. And so on: the name of each cell in column B is the contents of each cell immediately to...
  2. C

    Problem with tab names equaling cell name.

    I found a code to make the tab name equal a cell in the worksheet: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Const WS_RANGE As String =...
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    Adding to an existing macro to make Excel rename sheet after specific cell.

    Hello, hope everyone is doing OK. I have been using Microsoft office products for years now. I've only recently discovered however, macros and some of the other "behind the scene" tools available. What I could use a hand with is this; with the help of my son, I have recoded a macro that records...
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    Please, How Can I add data by cell [name box] name?

    I would like to added some named cells on my weekly work log. Every week I name the total hours on a job: EX: "Frame1", the next week "Frame2", etc. This is in a sheet with other jobs. So, I tried: =sumif(Picked Range,"Frame*") But, this doesn't work.... I can add them individually...
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    range naming/ grouping

    Is it possible to do the following more easily. Sheet1 is a summary sheet that pulls basic information for each vendor from 8 different sheets. The 8 different sheets have the exact same layout and contain more detailed information. I need to be able to change the order of vendors on the...
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    textbox & cell name

    I would like to be able to have a userform define the name of a cell. The formula bar will be disabled/hidden along with being in full screen mode. This will help me from having to take a couple of extra steps in the future.
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    Batch cell names renaming

    I'm currently merging similar Excel workbooks in one file. And they use the same cell names. And i will need to reuse those values in another worksheet later. SO I need to rename a lot of cells and it would be really long doing it with the name manager, is there a faster way to do it? Also, i...
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    hello I am trying to define cells name by cells value I have tried activecell.name = activecell.value

    hello I am trying to define cells name by cells value I have tried activecell.name = activecell.value but I want more than one cell to define I am trying selection.cells.name = selection.cells.value I want every cell in selection sets it's name by it's value also i am trying to select a range...
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    Calling out a sheet from another workbook based on a cell value

    Hi All, I have this problem to get over. I need to call out a sheet based on the same name as a cell value which I would input. Basically it's for easier extraction of a particular worksheet from another workbook. For eg: Each sheet has a unique number associated to it (eg: 123). i want...

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