cell position

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    When i am in cell sheet 1 create a macro button to copy same cell value to same cell in sheet 2 vba

    i am creating an excel worksheet to keep records according orders-deliveries and pending of my customers orders. It has 3 sheets (Order-Deliver i enter values manual, and pending sheet do the reduction from orders to deliver and shows the pending value) I have a sheet 1 called pending orders...
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    find position of the cell with certain contents

    Good evening everybody, With a for...next loop I check the cells in the range A1...AU3000 for the error content #Value!. If the error content has been located, I want to have the feedback of the cell (eg. Z56) which was containing the error message. Any help is very appreciated. With regards...
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    cell position and find last <> null cell

    hello all. I would like some help about a problem i am faceing. (I am using excel 2003) . First of all ,i have this worksheet : i have several people (colA) - who are paying in 3 different methods (pay1-pay2-pay3) - each person pays several times in a year (pay method can be anything) I am...
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    From Row and Column to Cell Position

    Hey guys, I searched the forum for a while and couldn't find anything related to this, so hopefully someone knows a simple way to accomplish what I'm trying to do. What I have going on in a little application I'm developing for a sports league is this: 1) The user selects a name from a...

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