cell reference changes

  1. J

    Show cell based on current date

    Hello, I come for help :) My situation is very specific and I just can't get match/index functions to work (probably doing something wrong). Data structure: Item stock= yesterday's stock - consumption + production + incoming + delivery - modification + "+/-" => Throughout the month (year)...
  2. J

    Locking a cell reference to a cell location

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet where I am comparing two lists of chronological transactions based on their amount. For example column B has an amount for the transaction from the first list and column D has a transaction from the second list. In column C I have the formula '=B1-D1' and if they sum to...
  3. L

    Checking a box(?) to update formula range.

    I'm interested in modifying the below equation: =VLOOKUP($A$1,'High Level Costs, Capital'!$A$21:$I$35,MATCH($D3,'High Level Costs, Capital'!$A$21:$I$21,0),FALSE)*F3 I would like to have a check box or some variation (I'm open to recommendations). Example below: <tbody> Source 1 X Source 2...
  4. J

    Need to make minor cell reference updates to existing macro

    Hi Guys, I'm not an Excel guru, so forgive my ignorance. I have created a simple macro that references cells on various sheets and creates a summary table that provides completed sales against quota. I'd just like to update a few cell references in the macro, but it seems that the cells I...
  5. P

    Cell refererence

    Hi All this is my problem: I would like to make a cell reference variable depending on another cell. So if i write in cell C1 =B(A1) it equals cell B1 I want C2 cell to look into column B and use the row that A2 indicates ( so it will be B3). If i change A1 from 1 to 88 i would want C1 to have...
  6. B

    How can I reference a cell that was just edited in VBA?

    Hi, so far with this code I can only reference the active cell that is clicked on AFTER a cell is edited; I've tried to work around this by having the users only click ENTER after editing a cell, and by offsetting everything by -1 row. I would like to directly reference the cell that was edited...
  7. P

    Adding a number to a cell reference not to the contents.

    Hi everyone, Is there a formula that allows you to add to a cell reference but not to the related cell contents? So in cell C1 it displays "C10". In cell C2 I want it to display the reference displayed in C1 + 100, so it would display "C110". Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.... Pedro
  8. S

    A way to change the cell reference for a textbox in a chart?

    I'm using Excel 2007. I have a large number of charts, and a text box within each chart that each reference the same cell. I now want to change which cell each text box references. Is there an easy way to do this (with or without VBA)? It is tedious finding and selecting the text boxes, and...
  9. W

    Pivot table value from cell reference value?

    :confused: Is it possible to update a pivot table from a cell reference change or value?
  10. D

    drag formula reference range on a different tab

    Hello I have a long nested formula in one tab which refers to data in another tab. When you step into a formula that references data on the same tab the range highlights in blue and, if you want to, you can drag this range to reference other cells. Is this possible when the data being...
  11. D

    Cell Reference changes

    I have a worksheet (Sheet1) with data in the first column....sixth column. In sheet2, each cell of the first column...sixth column points to the corresponding data in Sheet1. The formula in sheet2 looks like this: =IF(sheet1!A1="","",sheet1A1) Here's the problem: If I delete...
  12. D

    Sheet cell reference

    I have multiple sheets in my workbook. The first sheet ("Sheet1") is the main sheet in which cells from this sheet points to other cells, either ("Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet4 or Sheet5") I want to be able to replace, say, Sheet2 with another sheet of the same Sheet name ("Sheet2") and still have...
  13. L

    Indirect fomula, multiple worksheets and sum function

    I have multiple workbooks containing a different number of worksheets with budgets in the exact same format. I would like to add a sheet (in the same format as all the sheets) in each book that sums up the other sheets in that book. In the sum-up sheet, however, I would like two cells to hold...
  14. B

    Linking cells question

    I am linking cells from one workbook to another. The issue I face is the table I am pulling from is part of a dashboard type screen so rows are being added and subtracted above the data I am trying to pull. For instance currently the data I need is B50:I55, but if rows are added it may be...

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