cell refrence

  1. R

    Cell references/linking between workbooks

    Hi All Here's a doozy for you. I have 2 workbooks, one an inventory overview of kit, the other a detailed version. Obviously some info is duplicated. I've made a straight forward link (see below), but it needs improvement, What I want to achieve: In the detailed inventory, I type in a row...
  2. poitbot

    Macro to use cell references and text to replace words in workbook

    Hello, I have data listed in a worksheet that contains text in the first column that needs to be replaced throughout the entire workbook. The data looks similar to this: Sun, $D$8#Home, $B$42#WWB, $B$3#Definitions Earth, $D$18#Summary, $B$3#Page 1, $B$42#Classroom Ball, $E$27#Home, $B$4#WWB...
  3. N

    Finding graph location (address) within a worksheet

    Hi, I have a sheet with over 50 graphs in (to be clear the graphs are in the sheet not the workbook). What l am looking to do is to find a way in VB to locate where in the sheet a particular graph is located based on the graphs name. Ideally returning a cell reference, but otherwise just a...
  4. A

    Cells: Referencing by Row and Column and Cell Position

    Hello- I was hoping someone could explain to me the Cells property. I am teaching vba programing from a book to design a ss to work how we need it, but I am having trouble understanding this property. Specifically when using Cells(Rowindex, Columnindex) and Cells(CellPosition) and how it...
  5. H

    Using a Listbox to Hyperlink (cell reference) Within Worksheet

    Good Day to all. I have been out of excel for close to year now (imagine that) and althought I was never a super user, I have always managed (with help from the pros on this site) to get things done. I need help once again. In a worksheet I have a drop down list box that reads from range...

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