cell validation

  1. S

    Restrict special character in cell

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a way to not allowed "&" character in excel cell. If i try to type "&" character then a message should pop like "Character not allowed". Thanks in advance. Best Regards,
  2. L

    Advance Custom Cell formatting

    I want to validate cell with the following text formats Case-1: -1.50-0.25x180 or +1.50+0.00x180 Case-2: -1.50-0.25x180 ADD+1.00 BF or +1.50+0.00x180 ADD+1.00 BF Using (+#0.00,-#0.00) works fine for +1.50 or -1.50 or +0.00 or -0.00 I am using the following format for the entitre text...
  3. Snakehips

    Can I determine a cell's validation list name using vba?

    I have many cells with data validation set to lists identified by named ranges. Does anybody know how I can use vba to return the name of the range that is assigned to each cell when it is selected and becomes the active cell?
  4. J

    cell validation of either set value or user input

    Not sure if this is possible... Can I set validation on a cell to only allow user input if a separate cell has a particular value, otherwise the cell has a default value of 1? For example, the narrative formula would therefore be something along the lines of: If a1 = "POD" then b1="1" else...

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