cell (value)

  1. J

    Convert Unconventional D:H:M Counter to Total Minutes

    I need to convert these cells that contain elapsed time in the format shown, to total minutes. The data in the cell is texts and numbers – there is a space on both sides of each number. The formula is a Value function with a nested Find – it’s not working for me, however...
  2. B

    VBA transferring cells with defined content from a worsheet to another

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how I could transfer cells from a worksheet to another, regarding the content of the cells. For instance, I have a first worksheet with cells that can contain "january" or, "february", or any months, and then I have a different worksheets for each month. I...
  3. F

    VBA comparing Cells

    Need help with this. Looked through some similar posts but couldnt figure out how to adapt them. I got a value in cell B2 and a value in Cell B1 (a value between 0-10). They are values that are not allowed to be the same. If the value in B2 ends up to be the same as in cell B1 i need to call...
  4. P

    Split cell contents in different sets

    I am looking for a Excel Formula or function or VBA which is simple to understand. The actual data is Text and not a Numeric values The cell contents is to be divided into different sets with flower brackets and a comma separator. It should separate the data equally based on values in...
  5. P

    Match and Merge data having same pattern with a delimiter

    Dear Helpers, I am looking for VBA Solution which is very peculiar situation and crack my head to do it as Simple but could not do that. I request this could be done by a Macro and seeking your kind Help. - Overview Sheet 1 contains Column A and Column B - Column A has unique values to be...
  6. M

    Rename the worksheet based on cell value

    I want to rename the worksheet based on cell value and delete the row where cell value 1.Worksheet 1 contains cell value A1 have fruits. Worksheet 1 will be renamed as fruits. In the worksheet fruits, Cell value row should get delete. Worksheet 2 contains cell value A1 have vegetables. Worksheet...
  7. J

    Filtering Pivot Table Based on a Cell Value using Slicer to Change Cell Value

    I am using the below code to update pivot another pivot table filter off a cell value that is chosen from a slicer on another sheet. It works but I have to go into the sheet and click on the cell range in A23 in order for it to update my other pivot tables. How to I get this to update pivot...
  8. B

    Search Folder and Sub Folders and display Information

    I found this great article (http://www.xl-central.com/list-the-files-in-a-folder-and-subfolders.html) and it is exactly what I needed. I’ve tweaked it to reflect my circumstances, my issue is, I’m trying to pull certain cell Information rather than all the information about the file itself...
  9. T

    Separating list of text into multiple cells.rows

    I have a list of positions for employees that are in one cell that I needs to be in rows for each employee. Text to column doesn't work and neither does any sort of text formula like =left, =mid, etc. I have over 2500 employees and th <tbody> Active Status Emp ID Worker Hire Date Position ID...
  10. U

    VBA Batch Renaming of Files

    Hi Excel Gurus, I'm looking for some post here regarding naming of files but can't find a suitable one. Basically I have these folders on my documents: Folder 1: Math Folder 2: Science Folder 3: History Inside the folders are different files like in the form of PDF, Excel, Text,jpg and Word...
  11. N

    A way to move a cell's value under or above another cell in a Protected Sheet

    So I got an excel file where within I got a list of Perks from a game. Now the problem is, when the sheet is Protected, the function to move a cell's value(the perk names in this case) under or above another perk in the list. Is there a way to enable the ability to use this feature somehow...
  12. M

    Button with link url based on cell

    Hello. I am trying to figure out a way to have a single button send the user to google based on the content of a cell. For example. If F1 has JANE DOE... then once the button is pushed it would send the user to google and JANE DOE would already be in the search. I would think a simple google...
  13. M

    VBA to Hide/Unhide Worksheets using Checkboxes (FormControl or ActiveX) and IF statement

    I have been trying to create a code that would hide/unhide certain worksheets based on the value formulated in Column R resulting from the Checkbox control value in Column Q indicated by TRUE or FALSE. See below- <tbody> COLUMN Q COLUMN R Checkbox () Control Formula Sheet() Formulas...
  14. N

    Using Match function and comboboxes in VBA

    Hi, I am trying to locate a specific row number using vba. I need it to be able to look at the contents of a combobox and search for this value in the worksheet and then return the row number that the function returns. Once I have this value (lRow) I can use this as a cell reference Using...

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