cell value based macro

  1. M

    VBA to rename sheet based on cell value in another VBA dependent sheet name

    Hi there, I am a total noob at this so be gentle! I have a sheet that is essentially a calendar, with 1 week per sheet (i.e. Sheet 1 = 1st Jan, Sheet 2 = 8th Jan and so on). I am trying to make it so that all I have to do is type in to one cell the date I want the calendar to start from, and...
  2. A

    Automatic Cell name change - Tab name

    Hi guys, I've seen people post how to change a Tab name based on a cell's value/name using a macro, but what I'm looking for is the exact opposite. I need to have a cell's name/value change based on a tab's name. Would appreciate the help. Thank you
  3. N

    Excel Macro to Copy Data to New Workbook Based On Two Cell Values

    <tbody> Acct. No Product Date Manager Business Unit Misc. 1 A JULY SUE EAST NEEDS UPDATED CONTACT INFO 2 A AUGUST BOB WEST 3 C JUNE MARY SOUTH 4 D JULY TIM NORTH 5 B JULY MARY WEST </tbody> <tbody> </tbody> I need input/guidance on a work problem. Another branch for our...
  4. XfortunaX

    Insert Row Depending on Cell Vale

    Hi, I have a random list of numbers in column A and I would like to sort and insert rows and titles between certain number breaks. For example: Sort column from Z to A Insert a row between 0 & 59,000 and have 0-59K in bold in the inserted row then Insert a row between 60,000 & 99,000 and...
  5. K

    Importing web data based on cell value

    Good afternoon. I have a project I'm working on where I need to Search this website: http://mysbse.web.irs.gov/collection/toolsprocesses/AllowExp/AllowExpLookup/default.aspx entering the text value found in Sheet1 Cell D6. The information found on the website would be copied and pasted to...
  6. C

    Macro for copying data from 1 column to another by header name

    Hi, I am new to VBA and am trying to write what is probably a relatively basic macro. I have one column labeled Data in the first row, with data in the rows following. I have another column labeled Data2 and I am simply trying to copy the data from the Data column (not including the "Data"...
  7. A

    Insert Copied Row 'X-1' Times into Tows Below Depending on Cell Value 'X'

    I'm an advanced user of Excel yet have a minimal understanding of vba coding. I have looked through the forum and can only find vba coding related to inserting copied rows into new worksheets as opposed to inserting them into the same worksheet. I need some vba code to allow the contents of a...
  8. J

    Macro to save a life, Combine Cell Contents based on other Cell Value

    I am having an impossible time finding a solution for this. I need to combine cell contents in an unusual way (see below), based on if there is an "x" in column A. See below for the exact representation of what I need to do in a worksheet with 200,000 total cells of content. Is there any hope...
  9. D

    VBA to copy and Paste certain data

    I'll try and explain my requirement and what I've done so far and I hope someone can steer me accordingly. I have a spreadsheet with data in Column a:aa (the number of rows will vary each wee but is 5000+) What I am trying to do is to have a macro look at column a and depending on the value...
  10. J

    Cell Value and checkboxes macro

    Hi anyone out there. I have to do a template for my cie and I'm almost good at programming on excel , but I don't know a thing on macro but I managed to get my template working with your tread here. I have a 100 questions ''question bank'' template that generate tests with the questions that are...
  11. D

    VB use of field text to select & execute macro

    I need to select and unhide a sheet based on the the text that is input and stored in a spreadsheet. I have four options that will be stored in a sheet called MENU. The options are: Automotive, Industrial, Life_Sciences, Electronics. Based on the field selection in the cell h9 I want to...
  12. M

    Cell value to begin a macro !!!

    Does anyone know how to start a macro based on a cells value??? Thx.:confused:
  13. M

    Hide rows based on cell value

    Hi - I'm fairly new to excel and I'm putting together a 'Quote' sheet. Basically, I want to make it so that when a sales person enters a number of products in Cell C1, it unhides rows 1 at a time depending on the number. The rows that I want to unhide are from 19 - 26 For example. if sales...
  14. G

    Link to named range from adjecent cell value

    Hello all, After firghting with this for over an hour I am coming to the board, I 2 lists of data making a 3D matrix....in sort i want the cell values from one to link to the range in the other. I have used for a long time...
  15. S

    How to hide/unhide rows based upon cell value from another worksheet

    One sheet of my workbook is a master summary sheet where data is entered. Column A contains numbers that we use as a VLookup Reference key for other sheets in this workbook. Example: Master Summary Sheet 1 Bob 2 Fred 3 George 4 .... 105 Now, I want other sheets in this work book to only...

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