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    Communicating cells between worksheets - available resources problem

    Hello, I have a worksheet with a lot of information, and I want to make another one in the same file with some concise information, but when data is changed in the first worksheet to automatically change in the second one. I found the following sollution: copy the respective rows and paste...
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    Using Right(cellsxxxxxx) in LeftHeader

    I've spent way too much time trying to figure this out and need some help. Trying to force my header to read the RIGHT 7 characters from cell I1 ActiveSheet.PageSetup.LeftHeader = _ Format(Worksheets("SHEET 1").Right(Cells(1, 9), 7).Value)
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    Formating range is causing phantom rows

    I have a workbook with a lot of subroutines that I've authored. I am having an issue with one of my subs taking way too long. For this investigation I used the Task Manager to track down the problem. When I start the sub(routine), Excel is using 100MB of memory, when it's finished Excel...
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    Force Data Entry into another Cell???

    I have created a number of buttons which when pressed will all display a certain value into a cell..... After I press a button and it displays the value into a cell, I want to be able to press another button which if there is data already in the cell (from the first button press) it will...
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    Looping thru cells that actually have data

    Hi, Excel 2007 has a LOT of cells. The looping code (below) looks at all cells, and takes forever... How can the loop be constrained to consider ONLY cells that have some data?? e.g.: text, formula, hyperlink, notes, comments, etc. AND ignore formatting - Could .SpecialSells() be used? - The...

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