1. D

    Copy pasting cells from one worksheet to another in Excel

    Hello everybody, I am currently having some problems with my excel spreadsheet. In short, I have a list of materials in my "Order form" sheet 1 and I have all the hard data in a hidden sheet called "Products" (sheet 2). Currently, I have just set the fields in my "Order form" sheet = the...
  2. C

    Data Validation CAPS and LIMIT

    Is there a way to set a Data Validation to CAPS and LIMIT meaning I'm using Excel, Data Validation, Custom, =AND(EXACT(A3,UPPER(A3)),ISTEXT(A3)) this makes everything CAP. But I also want to limit how many charters allowed in this area meaning 10 or less... so far I figured out how to do one...
  3. T

    Delete Boxes in cell?

    Hello! How do I delete boxes that are input into a cell?
  4. D

    If two cells are different

    I paste in a number in a cell that is linked to cell I4 (so that changes I4 cell's number) Then I paste the same number from a different location in another cell that is linked to cell E4. So that both cells stay the same all the time. Sometimes I do not paste in the cell that shows up in I4 or...
  5. N

    Excel hyperlink to scroll to specific section of active sheet.

    I know you can link directly to a cell pretty easily with an image in excel, but what if I want it to have the specified cell show AT THE TOP of the sheet? What happens now, is the hyperlink does take me to a specific cell, but it scrolls to the bottom of the sheet. I would like to have the...
  6. T

    Move names into a text box and pushing data back

    Hi Everyone So I need to get some names and make userform inputs so heres what i need, I have 5 Cells with headers and 5 cells which need readings I have userform1 I want to take userform1 and Place the headers from Cells A10,C10,E10,G10,I10 to header boxes Below the header boxes I have Input...
  7. T

    Calculating a double percentage discount

    This is fairly difficult to explain. I want a spreadsheet to calculate 50% of the total and then calculate 25% of that 50%. This should be output as the total amount discounted and then as the total payable in another cell. For example, the total is £2500.00. 50% reduction is £1250.00. 25% of...
  8. T

    Calculation including two cells if both have data or one

    I need to create a spreadsheet to calculate the total of two or three cells depending on whether just two or all three contain data. A3 contains an amount of money B3 contains a number from 1-12 C3 contains another amount of money (if input) The total in D3 will either be A3*B3 or A3*B3+C3...
  9. TAPS_MikeDion

    Google Sheets (Excel) - Always highlighted sheet?

    Would anyone happen to know why every time I go to one specific sheet in the Google Sheets/Excel workbook I'm working on, that particular sheet has all of its cells highlighted? I'm guessing it's something simple I'm missing. Every time I go to that one sheet, even if I click a cell to remove...
  10. G

    Macro Clear Button

    I have created a clear button on my sheet to reset certain cells to 0 etc. However in some of the cells formulas are also being deleted. Can someone tell me how to correct this problem, leave the formulas intact. Thanks all GT
  11. W

    Sum conditional formatted cells

    Hi all, I am trying to sum all of the green cells (see picture @ https://ibb.co/vjVRrBC). Green cells are formatted using a conditional formatting formula rule. The purpose of the formating is to highlight every cells in columns U that I have room for in my budget (C8) starting from the top...
  12. C

    highlight cells more or less than 0.2 to nearest 1

    Hi, is there any way to highlight the cells in a range, if: the value is more or less than 0.2 to the nearest 1 there are already a formula in each of those cells in the range, which will change according to what i change at the other cell. example: if cell value = 6.09, highlight if cell value...
  13. willow1985

    VBA Copy visible cells as a picture

    Hello, I have a macro that filters column Q removing blank cells. Once it is filtered to show only the cells with data I am looking for a code that will copy all visible cells from Q2 down and copy them as a picture. Any idea what code I could use? Thank you for all your help! Carla
  14. B

    Formatting with Multiple/Varying Conditions

    Hi Everyone - Need some help in finding a way to have a cell change color based off a drop down, and each time that drop down changes, it will potentially change the color of the cell, based off of the current letter in the cell. See below an example of a few rows. My book has 54 rows, but if we...
  15. H

    Macros in a protected sheet

    I have a worksheet with a mixture of data entry cells and cells derived from formulas. I want to protect the formula derived cells so I have locked them and protected the worksheet (no password). I have various buttons running macros to perform bespoke filters. These are inoperative because...
  16. D

    Sign off based on 2 mandatory cells

    Hello, hoping someone can help me with this Excel VBA question. Column T is the sign off column. In order to sign off, Two cells are Mandatory. 1. If column L contains ICP, then, Column O should have a trading partner. 2. Column N should have a Text. Thank you.
  17. U

    Extract the the one or two characters of a string, depending on number of digits

    Hello, I have a cell which contains the size of an item, "Size20" for example. I have another cell which I'd like to have equal 500 if the size is 16 or larger, in which I have the formula =IF(S22<>"",IF(VALUE(RIGHT(S22,2))>15,500,0),0) However, this does not work for cells such as "Size8", as...
  18. G

    Conditional formating where there are 2 values in a cell

    Hello, before i start rebuilding a spreadsheet to split values into two cells, is there anyway to conditionally format a cell, based on one of the values contained in it. for example <colgroup><col width="74" style="width: 56pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2706;"> <col...
  19. D

    VBA Highlight Duplicate comma delimited cells in a column

    Hi, Is there a way to highlight duplicates in comma delimited cells that are in a column, I want to compare all comma delimited text values in every cell in a column and highlight the cells that contain the duplicate text, Can someone help with this please
  20. M


    I have 2 columns on Sheet 2 In column A it says Mon all the way down to A10 Then Tues for a few more cells below, then Weds for a few cells and so on. The list is sorted in order To the right in Column B some cells have numbers in them and some are blank On Sheet 1 I want a summary, so it...

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