1. P

    Fullfill blank cells

    Hi all of you, kindly require to provide me a VBA code so that to run through col. “B” and should fulfill the blank cells with code number, contains in some cells which are random in col. “B” Therefore that should start from row “5” till the last cell which contains data. I present below the...
  2. S

    Comparing text in 2 different cells

    Hi It is easy to do the above as per https://exceljet.net/formula/compare-two-strings. My question: Can one do such a comparison without extra spaces in one cell being counted in the comparison? In other words, if the only difference between the 2 cells is an extra space in a sentence, I...
  3. E

    A formula

    Hi, Please I want a formula for this excel sheet: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uEnW5zXiEW6cYLrFqew8S8soTvsCruej If possible I want to know the exact numbers in all empty cells from H5 to H79, I5 to I79 and J5 to J79. Thanks in advance.
  4. M

    RANK(SUMPRODUCT Unique Ranking With Tie Breaker Problem

    Hi there... I am having a bit of trouble with the formula below which is intended to provide a unique (no duplicates) ranking of Productivity scores (highest to lowest) using another metric as tie breaker as needed (lowest Score is best). The formula is used in cells AM7:AM31 and the tie...
  5. B

    Simple Fx using addition leads to #VALUE result and I don't know why...

    (Excel for Mac 2013) I'm sure there is a simple solution: I am adding up every other cell in a horizontal row (A1+C1+E1+G1+I1) and totaling the numbers in these cells in cell K1. In cell C1, there is an =IF(AND fx that results an integer, but when I add cells A1+C1+E1+G1+I1, the fx result in...
  6. C

    VBA code - Insert formula across randomly selected cells

    Hi - I'm trying to figure out how to write VBA code to insert a specific formula across a random selection of cells. The gist of it is, that for whichever cells I have selected I want the code to write "= [EXISTING CELL VALUE] - adjacent cell". My VBA code works as long as I only have a...
  7. danhendo888

    Copy paste formulas to new sheet (absolute references)

    https://1drv.ms/x/s!AvjBsEPEq12ngUDMrgxRZFuYzsgm?e=ghaRAa Hi guys, I need to copy/paste cells M1:V14 to Sheet2 but have the absolute references point to the cells from the original sheet Is there a way to do this?
  8. N

    Print Visible Cells after Filtering

    When I try to print only the visible cells after filtering,it prints one row per page, instead of all on one page. If there is no filter on it prints correctlyall on one page. This is my code: FinalRow = Cells(Rows.Count, 3).End(xlUp).Row ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = Range("C7:M" &...
  9. R

    One column converted to two - - HOW?

    If someone sends me a database, with one cell with an entry such as "1234 Smith St, Apt 5" Can it be converted to two cells, one with "1234 Smith Way" and another with "Apt 5" Thanks in advance
  10. L

    Macro to copy cell from one row to another, and then build off of

    <tbody> A B </tbody> I'm trying to get a button to automatically copy the formulas and formatting of the Cells in Column A, to column B and then be able to press again to create a column C. I don't want the numbers in the cells to be copied, just the formulas and formatting...
  11. rjplante

    formula to count text inside a cell

    I have a spreadsheet that has three cells merged vertically. In this cell I enter six different letter codes to help me track performance instances. These are "A+", "A-", "m+", "m-", "+", and "-". Each of these are separated by a space within the cell. I would like to have six different cells...
  12. U

    Count visible cells filtered data

    I am trying to count visible cells only between 1.5 & 2. I used this formula: =COUNTIF(J7:J83952,">=1.5")-COUNTIF(J7:J83952,">2") But how do it get this to work with filtered data? Also, is there a way to add another column of data to search (N7:N83952)
  13. Y

    Excel table: mysterious change of formulae

    I have an Excel table which works fine most of the time. However, once in a while, I'd receive an error message saying "circular references" or some other formula error. It happened again this morning. The following are the formulae in cells T7, T8, T9, and T10. T7...
  14. G

    Using Arrays to populated Matrices and other data

    I have a spreadsheet where i create 4-5 fairly large matrices in worksheet cells and then perform some further calculation using these. I'd like to update the spreadsheet to not use worksheet cells and to hopefully run faster. I've started to do this using 2D Arrays to store my data in...
  15. P

    how to count and sum cells by color in excel

    Hi I have the formula below where I am trying to count how many cells have a colour and counting, where my range is to a and the cell colour is yellow which is p1, but the code doesn't work I get a #NAME ? please can u help? =ASAPCOUNTBYCELLCOLOR(A:A,P1)
  16. I

    Averageif specific cells rather than a range

    I am trying to create an averageif formula but rather than for a range, a specific set of cells: A1, A5, A7 I thought it would be as follows: =averageif((A1, A5, A7), "<>")) But this returns #Value! Any advice or help would be much appriciated. Iain.
  17. A

    How to auto delete cells every day

    So I'm trying to create a leave/vacation tracker for my employees/coworkers, and I want to automate the worksheet so it automatically deletes(and shifts) certain cells every day. This is so the tracker remains up to date without anyone having to physical delete the cells themselves. There is a...
  18. T

    Transpose one row in two columns.

    Hi, Please help me in the next problem. In A1: ZL1 are texts. How could I do that, starting with A2, to transpose the data from the odd cells (A1, C1, E1, ..... ZK1) into A2: A345, and the data from the even cells (B1, D1, F1, ..... ZL1), from the range A1: ZL1 to be transposed into B2: B345...
  19. S

    Excel VBA Count Total Cells That Contain Value in a Column & Post Total in Cell After Last Cell

    Hello. Happy Friday! :) I have a sheet that I need to loop through all cells in a column and count the total number of cells that contain data (will always be text in cells) & put the total number in the cell after the last cell that contains data. The cells in question are in column A and my...
  20. O

    Help - How do I Remove Duplicates

    Hi Master Excel Users. I have a two dimensional cell range of cells say from A1 to P5000 I would like to remove all duplicates within this range but keep the uniques where they currently are sitting, in their current position. Any good way of doing that? Alot of cells are blank within this...

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