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    IF statement Help

    =IF(C7="Rosemont University",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Clayborn University",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Branch College",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Eastern Wisconsin University",E7*$P$28)))) My issue is that I can seem to remove False from my cells. Any help is appreciated
  2. A

    Help with IF formula

    I am trying to develop an IF formula. I have 4 cells with eother "yes" or "no" in them. I would like a formula that looks at the 4 cells and returns a message in another cell of "test" when 2 or more of the cells have "yes" in them. Can anyone assist me?
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    VBA to create, place and name Shape from Values in cells

    Hi, I need help with this: In cells A1:A6 I have Name of Shape In B1:B6 I have refference to another cell in form D2 in cell B1 , E3 in cell B2 , C6 in cell B3 and so on. I need to create multiple Circular Shapes named after A1:A6 and placed into refference cells, which is in B1:B6 and loop...
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    Column size / aspect ratio / view changes between laptops

    Hi, I've got this sheet where I've sized the columns, rows & zoom perfectly to fit a header picture on a single screen page where you don't have to scroll to see any of the data. Also, cells were sized specifically to overlay on top of specific parts of the header image. I just opened the same...
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    Loop to merge cells does not work on last few rows

    Hi all! Im having some issues with my code below. It works fine on majority of rows, but towards the end, it's having some issues. What my code does is this: - if values of cells (i,j) and cells (i+r,j), basically 1 cell and the cell below it are the same, then they merge and other columns...
  6. A

    skip the blank cells

    Hello Excel experts, I use a formula in Sheet2 from B10 to B100 cells. =IF(DATEDIF(Sheet1!C10,Sheet1!$F$9,"Y")>=59,Sheet1!B10,"") i want to skip the blank cells in Sheet. Sheet2 protected only B10 to B100 cells are not protected. Thanks in advance.
  7. B

    using a cell reference in a range command in VBA

    Hi everyone, I am new on here and have a small problem. I want a command button to copy a range of cells and past somewhere else on the sheet. Simple enough I know, but if I have range("A1:A10") no problem, but I want range(A1:A&H1). I know this won't work, but I want the value to change to...
  8. M

    Noob Help Please

    I am hoping someone can help. It seems like such an easy thing to do and I just can't find the answer anywhere. So, I would like to search a range of cells F2:F6 (APPLICATION) for the word "Yes" The word will be returned in multiple cells and I would like to copy the B2:B6 corresponding cell...
  9. P

    averaging months

    What im trying to do is average a row of numbers that represent the months. what im getting back as a result is: when i put a IFERROR(AVERAGE(A1:A5),0) FORMULA for Cells A1 thru A5 and i want my answer in CELL A7 i get one answer of the number i put in cell A1 not the adverage of that number if...
  10. V

    how to add "numbers and ad" with some condition in same cells

    Hi, Please check the following and update how can we do that Sample data Excel 2010 32 bit ABCDE 1Sample 2 3 4 5 61 72 83 94Yes 105Yes 116YesYes 127YesYes 138YesYes 149Yes 1510Yes 1611 1712 1813 1914 2015 21 Sheet: Sheet1 Result Data Excel 2010 32...
  11. S

    VBA: finding data based on values in 2 cells in 2 different rows

    Hi all, I'm trying to get a number from a cell based on the criteria in 2 different cells but in the same column. This has to be pasted in another sheet, which has got the reference number same as one of the above 2 criteria. Please help. Thanks,
  12. S

    Counting cells by colour

    Hi All, I am wondering if there is formula whereby I can count cells based on their colour?
  13. M

    Ensuring that all the cells are filled in

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure it out how to ensure that if some data is entered in A1 then the range B1 to E1 is to be filled in with data as well. If it is possible I would like to not allowed to save the file if the data is not entered in all required cells and display msg "please complete...
  14. E

    number of continuous 0s

    Hello, I have a large table (100x200) which is updated daily. Cells are either 0 or 1. For each column and starting from row 2 I need to count the number of continuos 0 until a cell with 1 is encountered (e.g. today cells from K2 to K13 are all 0, H14 is 1 so the result should be 12...
  15. R

    Run the function when the first 5 cells have at least one figure

    Hello there, I am currently using this function =INDEX(('1'!$A2:$A262),MATCH(MAX('1'!B2:B262),'1'!B2:B262,0)) where B2:B262 includes figures and NAs (text). What I would like to do is to run this function when the first 5 cells (B2:B6) in B2:B262 have at least one figure. Otherwise, return 'NA'...
  16. H


    i need a vlookup formula let us suppose data is in sheet1 in column A and there is a data in sheet2 in column F formula will be placed in column K of sheet2 the result will be either true or false what i need is if data of column F of sheet2 does not match with column A data ( not with...
  17. C

    What's the most efficient way to remove all the salary info from my model without ruining all the calcs?

    I work in Finance and I need to send out our budget model to one of our business partners, but she can't see all the salary info we have in there. One option is to go tab by tab (there are probably 30) and manually copy/paste values in the person-by-person salary calc, then delete the person by...
  18. T

    Calculated Field Formula

    I have a calculated field formula calculating a simple division as follow: ='Cell C2' / 'Cell B2' Some cells are returning the #DIV/0! error because some column C cells are zero. How do I write the formula to return a blank when the denominator is zero. Thanks
  19. M

    Getting cells to reflect/mirror changes made in another cell.

    Cells: B2, C2, and D2 are the cells. Values: 19, 7, and 12. If I add 1 to 19 and make it 20. I need 12 to change to 13. If I add 1 to 7 and make it 8. I need 12 to become 11. Possible? How?
  20. V

    Is there any way to change range's values more efficiently than looping?

    I have a range of cells with values inside. The values have pattern such as '123-abc'. Now I need to change the value of selection to just 123. I currently use left function to loop over the selection. But it's very slow because I have 1000 cells.

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