1. D

    How to count SPECIFIC text characters with a range of cells

    Hey guys, Can someone assist me in writing a formula for counting how many "I" are in a range of cells. For example I have a range of cells B11:AF12 that have different letters in it to identify the kind of Lead Source we receive. "I" represents Internet. I need to find out how many I's are in...
  2. K

    Unprotect worksheet being asked when workbook is opened

    Hi, I have multiple sheets that are protected for using the standard Protect Sheet (select locked cells and select unlocked cells both ticked) but when the workbook is opened it prompts the user to provide the password to unprotect for as many instances that there are locked sheets in the...
  3. A

    Loop through empty cells and data move to one cell left

    Hi All, Loop through empty cells and data move to one cell left <tbody> Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date 11/6/2019 Normal 28035 Y NO Date...
  4. A

    Filling cells based on a pull-down

    Hi everyone! I have a spreadsheet we want to use as a sort of fillable form for non-tech savvy people to send us data in. The problem is, there are columns they don’t need to fill in depending on which one of several dozen selections is made in a different column. The original solution to this...
  5. J

    Clear cells if

    Hi, I'm looking for a code to delete cells C2:AE2 if AB2="TRUE". I need this for each row down to 2000 - so clear C100:AE100 if AB100-"TRUE" etc. Can someone help with this? Many thanks Jim
  6. K

    Count number of times a cell reference appears within formulae in a range

    Hi Guys, In each of cells G85:96 I have a simple CountA formula like these: in G85 =COUNTA(B21,B43,B44,B45) in G85 =COUNTA(B21,B32,B44,B51) ...in which I have manually selected those cells in column B. What I'd like to do in say H21 is have a count of the times that cell B21 appears in...
  7. D

    Filter on row numbers not cell contents

    Hi, Is there any way to filter on a large amount of row numbers not the contents on the cells? Thanks
  8. Y

    Copy image in userform to a worksheet

    Hi, Would it be possible to have your help to get a code that allows to copy an image loaded in a user form to worksheet 4 in cells A12:N12 and M12:BL12? I have the below code but I do not know how to make it work for the range of cells where I need to insert the pictures. I would appreciate...
  9. G

    How can I set a range variable that only includes cells in that range with data?

    I have a very slow subroutine that uses a For Each statement to iterate through about 30 cells in a pre-defined range, checking if they have text in them, and then performing a bunch of formatting based on the text in that cell. I'm wondering if there is a faster way to do this that would...
  10. D

    Input Box to update multiple sheets/cells

    Hey ya'll, Been tinkering a bit to see if I could get the macro recorded/cobbled together to do the following, and I keep hitting roadblocks in debug: 1.) Select several Sheets, and Ranges in each 2.) Have an Input box pop up, requesting a number 3.) Increasing the selected sheets/ranges by...
  11. K

    Conditional formatting each next step

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Here the below is my example I need Formula is preferable or an alternative VBA for conditional formatting to highlight each next step pattern in the complete row as per "specific pattern shown in the cells C4, D4 & E4 which is changeable as...
  12. M

    Add #, ignore text, in specific cells (not columns) plus percentages

    I have 11 cells to add that contain text and numbers. I only want to add the numbers, and if possible insert the sum into a cell that also contains text. My other problem is creating a percentage using those 11 cells divided by 11 corresponding cells with only numbers to get the percentage in...
  13. D

    VBA Transpose Cells in a range

    Hi, Is it possible to transpose a group of cells then move to the next group of cells, Can someone help with tis please Example: From This <tbody> This1 This2 This3 This4 This5 This6 That1 That2 That3 That4 That5 That6 Something1 Something2 Something3 Something4...
  14. C

    Searching a table with three filters giving an adjacent value back.

    Hello, I have a workbook with multiple sheets. On one sheet, I want to create a search box. This will have three cells to enter the numbers to match to (done via a drop down list). I need the result to look at a table on a different sheet, match the three numbers and return four different...
  15. M

    Range plus chart

    Hi I'd like to do 3 simple things with VBA, which I haven't done before. i) I'd like to select a range, but ignore the last row, when selected. So if I had the values a, b, and c in cells A1, A2, and A3, and the values 1, 2, 3, and 4 in cells B1, B2, B3 and B4, I'd like to select the range...
  16. M

    Fill down - dynamic range

    Hi I'd like to use VBA to fill down a formula to a range of cells that will vary. The formula will always be filled in column B, but the number of rows will vary, depending on how much data has been imported. In the simple example below (where cell A1 has the title "Variables" and cells A2...
  17. M

    Selecting a block of cells using offset

    Hi I know how to select a block of cells using VBA. But for this task, I have to be able to do it using the offset function, because data is inserted using the offset function. So my question is this: in the code below, assuming that C3 (or C4, or C5 (depending on where the offset function...
  18. R

    is there a way to password protect cells from being changed?

    I have created a multi-sheet workbook with several VBA codes running and I want to make sure people can't mess it up. Is there a way to make sure people can only input information into certain cells and run the codes from the buttons?
  19. T

    Counting Text when the cells have formulas that enter the text

    I am trying to count the number of cells with text. I used this formula countif(B5:30,"*"). However in cells B5:B30 I have formulas that will enter the text based on the condition of the formula. Therefore when I use this formula countif(B5:B30,"*") regardless of how my of the cell actually...
  20. A

    Data Validation

    Dear Excel Experts, In first row from Cell C1 to M1 there are name of persons and below 4 rows have specific numbers. I have set in column A all first row name by using data validation list criteria. I want a formula in column B. if a particular name select in cell A2 then at cell B2 shows all 4...

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