1. W

    One click will do the job !!! BUT HOW ?

    Hello everyone, I have a form that my company working on .. and it looks great but we missing one thing. I want it when I approve the request it will get all the data from the query but the query is not the record source : this is what I have now Dim msg As String msg = "Dear " &...
  2. M

    Help Needed for Word Search Creation - Challenging

    Good afternoon excel wizards, I am struggling here after not having used VBA in so long. I am working off of Rijnsent's amazing work that generates a crossword puzzle using excel and macros: I would...
  3. K

    Help with if statement in VBA code!

    Can somebody help me figure out the code below? I'm trying to insert rows as part of a macro. I have the code inserting lines working, but I need it only to insert lines where the value in column B is greater than 1000. Dim ws As Worksheet Dim rowsn As Integer, count2 As Integer...
  4. C

    Sort List in Ascending Order Using Only Excel Tokens [hard puzzle]

    Somebody might be interested, this is not an easy task. It asks to sort a list using only excel formulas, but not a sort. So you have to use array calculation knowledge and so on.
  5. S

    Formula - distributing data over months

    I am trying to create a formula that distributes the data in Y1-Y20 (these are years) by month over the Rebate Start and End Date Range. The challenge is the data changes year to year. Can anyone help...
  6. C

    Long greater than, less than formula

    Hi All, I need a formula to work out payments based on performance, the challenge I'm facing is that there are various scales of payemnt depantdant on the formula. and I just cannot figure it out. So if A1 is greater than F1 but less than F2, I need it to show a bonus amount in H5. But then it...
  7. K

    Inflation formula with varying rates per year!

    Hello, I am looking for a formula that properly pulls a Baseline Expense depending on location (this part is done) and then multiplies it by looking up the inflation rate for a given year. Second half of the formula is below. Inflation portion...
  8. A

    Excel Challenge from a friend - I failed can you solve it?

    I hope one of you gurus can solve this. I was only able achieve right result using 2 helper columns but challenge requires only 1 helper column to be used (part 1) and no helper column at all for part 2 of challenge. I managed to get the correct answer of -111 using the following formulas in...
  9. kelly mort

    Disable all controls and menus except the "close", "minimize" and "maximize"

    So I have been digging the web for a while now and I can't find the best way to handle the above challenge yet. Can it be possible to disable all the menus except the control box items as indicated in the header of this thread? Regards
  10. J.Ty.

    Multi-Dimensional Spreadsheet Challenge

    Dear All, My colleague Paul Mireault has created a Multi-Dimensional Spreadsheet Challenge. It offers an interesting and demanding Excel implementation problem. The solutions he gets are intended to be used in preparing a research paper for the 2019 EuSpRIG (European Spreadsheet Risk Interest...
  11. F

    Excel challenge (INDEX formulas)

    Can you deal with the comments in the attached?
  12. W

    Need some guidance on a challenge

    Dear Forum, I need some help as I have no idea how to tackle this challenge. I have data in the following format (about 7000 records): <tbody> User Project Code Transaction Date Hours Allocation Category </tbody> and need to do some calculations on it, and present it in this...
  13. S

    Lookup Value in Range and return nearest number (lowest) beween sets of numbers within the range

    <tbody> Challenge 1: What you know: The employee is in pay grade 3 and rate is $25.30 Challenge: write a formula that looks up the grade, and then returns the value on that range in which $25.30 is nearest to (rounded down) Challenge 2: Write...
  14. T

    Pointing formula group to new references... I think that's what I want to do...

    Hi all, It's my first time posting here, and I apologise for what will surely be a question full of incorrect vernacular and confusion. I will however be concise. So: I'm building a roster for event staff - it should be simple, but I got carried away. The first sheet (Schedule)is where start...
  15. S

    Vba code for Multiple Columns all Combinations and if exceeds limit for worksheet moves on to a new worksheet with the rest of the results

    Hi I’m trying to find out if it is even possible to create a Vba code for Multiple Columns all Combinations and if exceeds limit for worksheet moves on to a new worksheet with the rest of the results I guess you can call this a excel VBA code challenge
  16. V

    Return text between dates challenge

    Does anyone know how to calculate quarters in excel from a beg and end date where i am looking to seperate for Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4,Full Year? The challenge is the quarters fall between a specific range and not the usual Jan 1 to Mar 31. Every year has a different date range for Q1,Q2,etc...Then we...
  17. kelly mort

    OptionBox challenge

    Hello All, I am having issues with how to select an optionbox when I change the content of a combobox. If there is a way out then let me know. Thanks. Kelly
  18. W

    This is a thinker: Sumproduct with Index/Match

    Hi Everyone, So this is my equation {=IFERROR(SUMPRODUCT(--('1'!$A$5:$A$33='Monthly'!A2), INDEX('1'!$N$5:$N$33,,MATCH('Monthly'!A2, '1'!$A$5:$A$33, 0))),"")} {=IFERROR(SUMPRODUCT(--('1'!$A$5:$A$33='Monthly'!A3), INDEX('1'!$N$5:$N$33,,MATCH('Monthly'!A3, '1'!$A$5:$A$33, 0))),"")} It is taking...
  19. P

    help with an "If AND" formula

    I'm running into a challenge with an "if And" formula. What I want to do: If BV4 = .46, then 0 else if BV4<.46 and AT4<5 then vlookup BV4 to the Rate table else 9 Can you help me figure out what's the issue? Its returning "False" =IF(BV4=0.46,0...
  20. M

    days of week list challenge

    Here is a bit a of a challenge... Say I have some days of week marked in cells by an "X", and a cell where I am currently entering the days of service. I am looking for a formula in days of service cell that examines the cells to its left for an "X", and derives a concatenated list of the...

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