1. P

    Open File name with changing date in name

    I’m trying to get a vba to open a file daily with a macros and am having trouble doing so. The file is in windows and it’s listed like this “gville grade sheet_12-5-2020” the name stays the same but the date changes.
  2. R

    Offset and goalseek

    hi, I am struggling to get an offset to work on a goal seek i am trying to do. Essentially i want to goal seek a value in row1, column1 to zero by changing the value of the cell in row 3, column 1. In the next round of calculations, ie when i apply the offset, I want to goalseek row1, column2 to...
  3. B

    Changing time format

    Is there a way I can change the time format from HH:MM:SS AM to text format HH:MM AM?
  4. G

    Recording changing cell

    Hi guys I have been struggling to find a solution to an excel problem I have. As the title says I have a cell in my spreadsheet that is constantly changing "H10" and I would like to record this for the last 5 seconds at 1 second intervals. But this would be triggered to start recording with...
  5. M

    Goal Seek not working in my office 365

    Hello Evryone I have a problem in my office 365, in using goal seek When I use it, it change the set value by the value i has entered without changing the cell that must be changed This is an exemple A1 = 1 / A2= 2/ A3= A1+A2=3 (My goal is to have 100 in cell A3 by changing A1=> The...
  6. K

    Excel lags when switching between automatic & Manual calculations

    wonder if anyone has a fix for this problem. it is not related to actual calculation time as the effect occurs even with a new blank sheet. I will do my best to explain and hope someone has come across the problem as well. With a new and blank sheet changing from Automatic to manual causes...
  7. G

    Changing a formula

    I have "inherited" a workbook from a past worker and there is a formula that doesn't give the information required. The formula posted below works but I needs extra criteria. I want it to match against 3 criteria where the existing formula only matches 2 criteria. Can someone tell me the...
  8. J

    Activating a Workbook with a changing name

    Hi, I'm new to VBA, I'm recording a macro to format a specific file that a team uses to work through a que, I'm trying to get my macro to reference the workbook regardless of the changing number in the file. This name change is caused by the way the file downloads in certain browsers i.e chrome...
  9. J

    Referencing columns by number in macro?

    Hi, I'm looking to pull the contents of multiple workbooks into one, and found this old thread, the first reply works perfectly: However, that macro populates the...
  10. B

    Changing an array formula to a regular formula

    Hi all and thanks in advance... I have the following array formula which is working as intended =SUMPRODUCT(((CONTACTS!$A$2:$A$5000=A2))/COUNTIFS(CONTACTS!$A$2:$A$5000,CONTACTS!$A$2:$A$5000&"",CONTACTS!$R$2:$R$5000,CONTACTS!$R$2:$R$5000&"")) Problem is it takes way to long to calculate. Is...
  11. S

    change column headings to inches

    Hi i'm using 365 I sort a remember that in older versions of excel, I was able to change the A,B,C, and the 1,2,3,to inches. Was I dreaming? I'm trying to make a business card and i don't want to keep changing the fonts and printing them till i get the size right. mike
  12. S

    Changing Multiple Line to Single line

    Hi Guys I have an excel sheet where a User Name is appearing on multiple lines (See below) And we want it to appear as below
  13. J

    Using autofill on cells with formulas

    Is there a way. . . I am in Cell A1 and the formula is =E1. I want to copy my formula down but instead of the row # changing from E1, E2, E3, etc. I need the COLUMN to change from E1, F1, G1, H1, etc. Is this possible?
  14. C

    Excel Header and Footers

    I have an excel workbook with 6 worksheets. Each worksheet has a different header. Each week, I want to be able to change 4 of the worksheets footers without changing their headers. When I group the 4 worksheets and change the footer; it changes the headers too. Is there a way to change 4 of...
  15. Z

    VBA copy data from 1 excel to another - changing range

    Hi all, I got this macro working where I will copy and paste datafrom 1 excel to another. What it does is that it will copy data from a predefinedrange from source file then paste it into the predefined range of thedestination file, then repeat. Each time it repeats, the range from the...
  16. K

    Offsetting row using VBA

    in the image ill need to offset the rows using an if condition (if lastrow -5= Black,leave as is else offset by 1) and so on until the last row, i Cant figure out how to write the code as the positions keep changing( a new table is added each week with the same labels)...
  17. M

    Changing Connection via VBA (Loop through queries)

    Hi I've never really played around with Power Query before. I've written a large number of queries and someone very helpful has gone and moved the database to a different server. I would normally think that you would declare an object variable (let's call it qry) and then run a loop something...
  18. C

    Check Status Code of all urls in column

    Hi I have here a VBA macro which checks a server status of an URL, placed in a cell (here C2). How could this macro be adjusted to test all urls in the given column? The code is: Private Changing As Boolean Private Sub RedirectChecker(ByVal url As String) Dim sh As Worksheet Set sh =...
  19. W

    Send Email choice

    I am using a macro to send emails. But sometimes I want to see the results first. I can manually reset the options to do so here by changing the remark. ' .send '<-- Send out this email .display'<-- Display instead for the debugging only How can I get a prompt like this one to reset...
  20. H

    IF statement not doing anything if condition met

    =IF($DF2=5,"5/6", IF($DF2=6,"5/6",$DF2)) I have put this formula in column DG. I would like for it to change all of the 5's and 6's in column DF to 5/6 and the leave the other values as they are . Currently, it is leaving all of the values as they are - not changing 5 and 6 to 5/6. Any idea...

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