chart colors

  1. M

    Changing colors in a chart based on changing a variable?

    Hello all, Does anyone know how to automate changing the color of a chart bar or pie piece when the data changes? Ideally, I would like to put an RGB color code into a cell, then have the chart bar or pie change color based on that code. So if sales of product A is = 20% of goal, I can have...
  2. B

    Color Bar Representation

    I want to create a horizontal bar chart -- with one bar and stacked values, based on the values in a cell range. For example, I have entered numerical values in 3 cells -- A1 through A3 as follows: A1 = 5 A2 = 3 A3 = 17 With this example, what I want to create is a one bar horizontal bar...
  3. N

    How to change an area chart series type

    I have a chart with three data series plotted on it. Series1 is a line, Series2 and Series3 are area chart series types. I have figured out how to change the forma/color of the line, but it is proving to be quite difficult for the area series. For the line I used...
  4. E

    Conditional Formatting a Pie Chart?

    I've created a pie chart with two wedges. The second wedge changes names once a certain number is met. Is there a way to format the chart to change the second wedges color when the name changes?
  5. R

    Assigning chart colors dynamically

    I am charting off of a basic query-- work value by month for multiple locations (A-L, 12 different locations, all in the same column of data). The problem I'm having is locking in the colors for the chart-- Location "A" should always be red, and Location "B" always blue, for example. The data...
  6. G

    Conditional Formatting Of Chart?! Excel 2010

    I have a table setup that drives my pivot table. My pivot table then drives my chart. I have identical conditional formatting applied to both the table and the pivot table, but need VBA to assign the same conditional formatting to the chart. The chart will change month by month so the values...
  7. T

    Why my spreadsheet suddenly gave me #value msg and changed my chart line color??

    I opened an Excel file (52 MB) this morning. The date column with work day formulas (=workday(previous cell, 1) gave me error message "#value". But when I manually typed in the date, it shows as 1/1/1900. Any one knows why? The more wired thing is -- the charts that are based on the data also...
  8. A

    Charting help: Series colour from None to anything

    Hello everyone. I have a stacked bar chart with up to 8 series per category. I have (intentionally) made the 1st series bar format have no line and no fill, therefore making it invisible. I would like to retrieve this series but cannot select it so I can modify the format. Can anyone...
  9. J

    Pivot Table Chart Column Colors

    Hello: Using Excel 2003. I have a Clustered column pivot table chart with all 50 states and totals for each state. All the columns in the chart are purple. Is there a way to color each state a different color automatically? Currently I have to change them manually. If possible, please provide...
  10. T

    Format Line Chart with VBA

    Hi, I've looked everywhere and I cannot find a way of getting rid of the line colour in a 2007 chart, not to mention getting the right colour green of the marker, the black outline or the shadow. The macro recorder does not show the steps at all! this is what I am trying to get to: And here...
  11. B

    Scorecard pie, column and spot colour changes

    Folks I am trying to build a scorecard for my company. Unfortunately I have a legacy of Word for reporting and am using linked images at this stage to replace the previous manually updated word charts etc. My evil plan is to use Excel as a data source for all the various dots, charts, pie charts...

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