chart data series

  1. F

    Is there any way to exceed the maximum # of data series per chart?

    I'm tracking the daily productivity for over 300 employees and 250 working days. Currently, the date/working day is the Legend Entry (Series) and the employee name is the Horizontal (Category) Axis Label. I need a way to switch them around so that the date/working day will be the Horizontal...
  2. O

    Can I create multiple graphs into one chart? (example provided)

    Hello all, I have a table with 3 sales metrics (one for each of 3 regions) across the months of the year. The horizontal and vertical axis should be identical for all three. What I'd like to do is to plot all three, stacked one on top of another, in one single graph, automatically. I attach an...
  3. K

    Dynamic Named Ranges using Match, Address and Indirect functions

    Hi All, Looking for a little advice here. I am having an issue when I try a chart a named range. The named range "Refers To" is =OFFSET($A$1,(MATCH("Kevin",$A:$A,0)-1),,,COUNTA(INDIRECT(ADDRESS((MATCH("Kevin",$A:$A,0)-1),1,1,1)&":"&ADDRESS((MATCH("Kevin",$A:$A,0)-1),100,1,1)))) As far as I...
  4. M

    Dynamic named range of non-contiguous cells suitable for chart series reference

    Hi all. I can't begin to express how magnificently helpful this site has been to me over the years. Until now I have always been able to find solutions to my problems through experimentation and diligent searching. At long last, though, it has come to this: a direct plea for help. I am...
  5. cvincent

    Series Data Does Not Align with Axis - Excel 2007 Graph

    My chart axis includes dates from 8/1/12 to current, right to left. My data is chartiing for all dates, but it is not aligned with the dates on the axis; i.e. my data for 8/1 is aligned to the 8/22 date. I have checked and rechecked all the data references, and all seem to be ok. Any ideas?
  6. W

    Waterfall Chart (Stacked Column) auto Format question.

    :confused:Not sure if anyone can resolve this issue, but any suggestions are welcome! I can send an example upon request, would be nice to be able to upload for reference, but please read entire post. I have a stacked column chart (two series)to show a start point ($5000) and 9 option...
  7. cvincent

    Chart x axis data selection

    Using Excel 2007. My X axis is picking up dates from my spreadsheet to chart corresponding $ amounts. The spreadsheet has a daily date in every 5th column that is being charted. Each day new columns are added to cols E thru H, and the new date is then calculated in Col E (=J+1). The older dates...
  8. D

    Chart point formatting based on axis label value

    I have a chart that is set to dynamically update to reflect the last two years of data from a data table. The updating is accomplished through OFFSET and COUNT formulas saved in Named Ranges. The chart depicts percentages as the data and on the Y axis and months/years on the X axis, plotting the...
  9. B

    List Chart Series Name & Formula for each chart on a new worksheet

    Hello, I have a worksheet full of charts and I have another worksheet where I want to list each chart name, chart series name, and chart series formula for reference. Here is what I have so far: Sub ListChartInfo() Dim i As Integer Dim wb As Workbook Dim wsCharts As Worksheet Dim wsList As...
  10. S

    Line chart with data in one column and series in another.

    I have a worksheet that contains variable data in one column and the location it came from in another. I want to chart all the data in the one column based on its location. For example if my worksheet looked like this: Data Location 21 1 342 1 312 2...
  11. A

    Chart a Production Schedule for Multiple Projects

    I need to chart a schedule that has date across x axis and the tasks along the y axis. The task for each project should look like a little bar along the timeline with each project being a different color code. I have been able to figure this out for a single project timeline but not how to...
  12. J

    ba and macros, pivot charts, data series, color coding, thanks in advance!!!,

    I have several pivot charts and chart worksheets in my workbook. Additionally, I have several parameters setup where the data series will change based on the criteria selected. How do I create a macro, where no matter what the criteria is set that the color format for each specific data...
  13. T

    Do not return a zero value with index function

    I am using the following formula to extract the data I need for a chart =INDEX(AF$16:AF$38,$A$2) How can I have this formula not return a zero value if the cell it's referring to is blank? It is plotting the zero for a data point in my chart. I have the chart set on "show empty cells as"...
  14. A

    Problem with using R and C in charting macro

    Hi, I've got a macro which creates dynamic ranges and adds them to a chart. As part of it a User Form offers the chance to prefix the Dynamic Name before charting. However, if I use a prefix beginning with R or C it falls over. I know that R or C followed by an integer is forbidden but as far...
  15. C

    scatter plot chart

    I'm working on a scatter plot chart and I have 2400 rows of data. I have 2 columns I need to plot and I edit my X-values and Y-values for the series in the Chart Wizard but somehow it reads the x-values as the number of rows I have rather than actual x-values that I specify. It's strange...
  16. M

    Excel charting - Scenarios plotted as bars and lines

    I'm creating a custom line column chart on 2 axes. The data comprises of the following which I would like to chart out: Year Revenue (1,2) Results for the year(1,2) Cumulative results (1,2) 1 2 3 etc. (1,2) reflect each of two scenarios (best case and worst case). When creating the chart...
  17. twinetwstr

    Chart Range quoting problem

    This should be so simple! I am building a subroutine to create a chart based on a selected group of cells in separated columns. If I hard-code the statement as >>> Set ChrtRange = Range("B5:B8,K5:K8") I can plug ChrtRange into >>> CH.Chart.SetSourceData Source:=ChrtRange...
  18. P

    Charting forecast and actual data

    Hi there, I have been trying to create a line chart where actual turnover (for years 2000-2008) will be a smooth line and the forecast (for years 2009-2013) will be a dashed line. However, this needs to be denoted by one line (part smooth and part dashed). Can anyone help?? Have been trying to...
  19. H

    No data series bars in chart

    I tried to make a column chart out of a previously-made database list. Even though the wizard preview accurately details in the legend what the column bars will represent, there are no column bars visible! When I go ahead and make the chart anyway, still no column bars appear. I tested my copy...

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