chart reference

  1. F

    Directly reference table column in chart

    I'm looking to reference a table column for my chart data, =Workbook1.xlsx!Table1[Values] If possible it would be even better to be able to dynamically change the table name using the INDIRECT formula: =INDIRECT("Workbook1.xlsx!Table"&$A$1&"[Values]") where A1=1/2/3/etc. Currently the only...
  2. Grizlore

    Can you chart a series with GetPivotData (or something like?)

    Can you chart with GetPivotData (or something like?) I have a sheet with numerous charts, plotting data from a pivot. The chart are using series values like this =ScorecardData!$B$8:$N$8 This is fine, however when the pivot changes, I lose the references and everything gets mixed up. Is there...
  3. twinetwstr

    Chart Range quoting problem

    This should be so simple! I am building a subroutine to create a chart based on a selected group of cells in separated columns. If I hard-code the statement as >>> Set ChrtRange = Range("B5:B8,K5:K8") I can plug ChrtRange into >>> CH.Chart.SetSourceData Source:=ChrtRange...
  4. M

    dynamic chart help

    Hi I have a chart that will shrink and grow in width between 3-12 columns My problem is how to dynamically allow this I have a formula which works out the address of the last cell in the range which appears to be working and I have concatenated that with some fixed cell bits so I end up with a...
  5. J

    vba to make all charts in ws reference active sheet

    Hi there. I'm very new to VBA, and I need a macro that makes all embedded charts on a worksheet reference that worksheet. Situation arises because I copied a worksheet with heaps of charts on it, but the charts in the new copy of the worksheet all reference the old worksheet. Can someone help...

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