charts & graphs

  1. A

    Delete Chart If It Exists and Select Non-Contiguous Columns

    Hello, I am trying to write a macro that builds a chart when it is run. However, if the chart already exists (ie if the macro has already been run at least once), I would to delete the existing chart and create a new one. To be honest the whole ChartObject vs Chart thing is not very clear to me...
  2. claybwagner28

    Inverse Relationship Chart Help

    Hello. My boss is asking for a chart showing cases potential loses vs actual loses despite over asset growth. He wants to highlight the actual loses were well before what they could have been. I tried to use bar or line charts but it does not "tell the story". Sadly, I am not great when it...
  3. S

    Autoscale chart X & Y axes dependent on table values & re-run macro after changing input

    I have a chart embedded in a worksheet plotting 2 parameters. I need to do 2 things. 1. I want to use VBA to dynamically scale the axes whenever the data table updates. The input table is in sheet1 The chart is in sheet 2 Code similar to that below would perform the function required, but i'm...
  4. C

    How to create a chart graph that pulls data from two workbooks on each worksheet that have the same name

    Hello excel world. I am in your debt. I need your help if you are willing to help me... I am sorry for the inconvenience cause in the pass... Please read my concerns: #1 I have "2" workbooks name: Unemployment_Rate GDP_Annual_Growth_Rate_% #2 in "Unemployment_Rate" workbook. I have "1"...
  5. C

    Seeking advice from advance excel gurus on this forum

    Hello excel world. I am seeking advice from advance excel gurus on this forum. Here's the concern. I found this code with its photo below searching online: string strCountry = US; // Set country ( sheet name ) plotxy iy:=[Book1]strCountry$!(1,2) plot:=200 ogl:=[<new template:=LINE12>]...
  6. D

    Line Chart with Sales by Person by Day

    I am sure that there is a super simple solution, but I am drawing a complete blank... I have my table set up like so: Employee 2020-05-01 2020-05-04 2020-05-05 employee1 $100 $75 $125 employee2 -$25 $50 $200 I would like to create a chart that has the employee names on the vertical...
  7. D

    Chart columns coloring automatically based on cell font colors in a row

    Hi All, I'm a rookie in VBA and I have an Excel VBA issue that is driving me crazy. I have created dynamic charts that select their data using an offset formula and a defined range. I want to color the columns of the charts according to the second row of the sheet, but the numer of columns...
  8. U

    VBA Powerpoint to Excel

    Hello Excel Gurus, I'm trying to link my excel tabs sheets to a powerpoint template. However, whenever I run the macro, the charts overlaps in the slides. Is there any way where I can set the slide view to 100%? Whenever I open the PPT, its always set to 115% - not pretty sure if this is the...
  9. D

    Column chart: Assign/derive column colors by/from data values

    Hi, I have a very basic question about plotting data in Excel charts. My data contains two columns representing date and quantity and a third column which contains categorical values (see sample data below). I need to create a simple column chart with date on x-axis and quantity on y-axis and...
  10. C

    Excel figure help

    Dear all, I have a simple and yet complicated question. I have a bar figure with three years for 13 countries. Here it is: for each of the countries, and for each of the years, I also have another data (growth rate, if you are interested), that I'd like to plot as a point. So, take for example...
  11. J

    Charts - Merging 2 or more, or manually creating each bar

    Hi! I've been trying to look for a way to "merge" two or more bar charts, with no success over google nor MrExcel. I'm trying to merge two bar charts into one.As said, one image > 1.000 words, here's an image of what i want: Creating 3 series and making a stacked bar...
  12. B

    Choose source for data in excel chart

    How do I choose the source for labels and data for a chart in excel? What I want the chart to show is the label on the left to show Item name, then a line to track the sales month over month and the month and the bottom label to show the corresponding month. Also, if possible add another...
  13. R

    Conditionally show points on a scatter chart

    Hi All. I have a table of data which I want to represent in a scatter chart. However, I would like to be able to set a flag against each row in the table to specify whether or not the point should actually appear on the chart or not. This way I can decide which are the pertinent data points to...
  14. I

    Excel Charts: Shifting starting point of chart based on criteria

    Hi, I have the following information: X Axis: Product (Tomato, Apple, Orange, etc) Y Axis: Date range (Sept 1-Sept 30, Oct 1-Oct 31, etc) Values: $ made on each product I want to create a simple chart that will update information based on a drop down menu selected on another sheet. For this...
  15. E

    Charting Multiple Clusters on same graph

    Hello, I don't have much experience with charts in excel and I'm not sure how to build this chart I want with my data set. Below is a sample of the data: <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> School ID Grade Level Size $ Per Pupil Poverty Level 2010 High School Medium...
  16. S

    Making Minimum and Maximum Values on Axis in chart Dynamic

    Hi, I have a stacked bar chart which is in essence a Gantt chart. I want it to work on multiple projects however for this to happen I need the Minimum values dynamic. I got the below code from another forum yet it keeps producing the following error Run Time Error -2147467259 (80004005)'...
  17. W

    Google sheets charts grids questions

    Dear all, Kindly advise, why is it happening that the first two charts here have lost last few "X-asis" labels? In comparison with the other charts, where all the labels are present, and the same formulas and data ranges are used for X-axis...? Also, is there any way to switch the vertical...
  18. S

    How do I change the color of the line in a line chart according to value?

    I have a line chart that tracks "change per week." Some weeks have negative values, some have positive values. Essentially, I want to specify parameters so that negative values are colored green, values near zero (possibly + or - 100) are orange, and positive values are red. Is there a way to...
  19. V

    Problems with data labels in charts - repeated labels

    Hello! My system Mac OS 10.11.6, Excel 14.7.5. I have problems with data labels in graphs. I didn't find an option of attaching an Excel file here, so I have uploaded the file to the google drive, but it's better to download it to view because google spreadsheets do not show correct formatting...
  20. M

    Trouble with a two-variable bar chart

    Hi, all, I'm starting to realize this may not be possible with Excel, but here's what I'm trying to do. Data: What I want is a pair of chart lines comparing the current and future tax receipts and tax rates for these two groups...

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