check box in excel

  1. AJWildOne

    Check Box True return Today's date

    I added a check box in Excel that returns "TRUE", "FALSE" in cell D38 Then added this formula =IF(D38="TRUE",TODAY()) to D34 where I want today's day to display if the checkbox is "True". Seems simple and would be very usefull but it doesn't work. Any suggestions for syntax?
  2. S

    check more text rows in a single cell

    Hello, :confused: I would check a cell with 2 text rows: - each row length must be max 25 digits long - I need a warning or highlight or cell fill in case one row exceed the max length I have set the data validation to check max length, non considering the row Could someone help me? Thanks...
  3. G

    Excel Form Checkbox Manipulation

    Hello World! I love this sight and have found that almost anything is possible in Excel. Some of it can be challenging to find, hence this thread. I have a series of 23 checkboxes in a form. Each checkbox represents the status of a particular order (there are 23 different statuses). These...
  4. K

    Check Box Value Error "object Required" Error 424

    This is the First Macro i've ever tried to create. There is two but they are both giving the same error. Any help is appreciated!!! Sub L2LTrue() If L2LCheckBox.Value = True Then 'L2L True Macro Range("E20").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=R[38]C[5]-R[39]C[1]-R[-12]C[-3]"...
  5. M

    Creating a Form Letter Using Checkboxes

    I am working for a company doing inspections, and I want to make a form letter such that it will populate a line iff a particular inspection was done. I have mostly done check boxes for stating which inspections were done. From this, I'd like to create a form that briefly tells what was done in...
  6. A

    Need Assistance Creating Macro Spreadsheet

    Currently, I have a spreadsheet with 4 checkboxes and a button on the Main page that can be used to compile a list of items based off what you check mark. I'm not very good with creating macros and used a another macroenabled workbook as a guide to creating this one. I have a few questions...
  7. C

    Check box Question

    Hello, so I am looking to have a check box show the date it was check in a cell on true, and nothing on false. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. V

    Tick Box Equations

    So Im having issues with filling in the formula for my tick box. I have an entire column with tick boxes which can be individually checked off. However I was wondering if there was a faster and easier way to format the cells to there own cell three columns down without having to individually...
  9. A

    Copy Check Box to Every 5th Cell with Command Button

    I have an issue which i can't solve.I wrote this code: <code>Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Sheets("sheet2").OLEObjects("CheckBox1").Copy Sheets("sheet3").Range("V7").PasteSpecial End Sub</code> This code copy a checkbox from (sheet 2) to (sheet 3) starting from V7 cell. Now I want...
  10. S

    Check Box Highlight Cell Conditional Formatting problem

    Hope someone can help, i have a sheet of order numbers that we use. e.g #1 to #320. this is across a whole sheet starting from Cell A2>G41 cascading downwards. I want to assign a checkbox next to each numbered cell, that when ticked will highlight the numbered cell and colour it green with red...
  11. R

    Check boxes are unchecked in Listbox that were checked off before. How can I stop this?

    Hello everyone! Hopefully you can help me with this and I'm just missing something really simple :nya: I'm having an issue with a worksheet I have pasted into a PowerPoint slide using Paste Special>Paste Link>Microsoft Excel Worksheet (code) Object. The trouble is in the worksheet I have a...
  12. R

    Checkbox Macro

    Hello all. I am looking for a way to use a form control button to check a series of checkboxes in a worksheet. I'm new at creating macros and I am having trouble creating an If serious for Value that can convert the button macro to the selected range change. This is a call sheet I have been...
  13. L

    Impact on Command Button via Cell Value and Check Box Combined

    Hello People, I have to solve this, I know answer can be time consuming but if you have time and nerves your help will be great. so, I have YesBOX ForceBox cell Value 'error' or 'OK' and a button 'execute' Conditions for button when cell value is 'OK' Button stays inactive but color...
  14. B

    Check Box Data Validation

    Hi all, First post, but I have been using (and appreciating) this forum anonymously for a while now. I am using Excel 2007 on Win XP, and I'm stumped over validating which check boxes are checked. I have a number of check boxes, all of which are linked to cells off to the side which will be...
  15. U

    Run macro when state of Check Box changes, return the status and position of the Check Box.

    I have been programing in Excel VBA for years but I am new to Check Boxes. I have four problems all related to single Check Boxes. Each check box pertains to a specific row and column. How can I launch a macro as soon as a Check Box's value changes? My macro will be contingent on the status...
  16. C

    Macro to copy / delete rows when a certain criteria is met

    Hi all, I have been trying to write a macro to clean up a download of the general ledger from an accounting system. What I would like the macro to do is four things (in this order); 1) Locate the value 'G/L #' in column A, then delete the row it is on along with the 12 rows above it and 2...
  17. J

    ActiveX Check Boxes: hide/unhide columns when 1 or more boxes are checked

    Hello, I have 3 ActiveX Check Boxes named "Red," "Green," and "Blue" that will unhide and hide columns when the value in a row meets the criteria identified in the code. When 1 box is checked and unchecked, the result is good (check the box and the correct columns are unhidden, uncheck the box...
  18. H

    Help with check box

    Hello Need help with check boxes. I have the following statement, the check box return's "TRUE" when selected but does not return "FALSE" when NOT selected and I need it turn return "FALSE" when not selected. Below is the code I am using. What am I missing? <Start Code> 'START box...
  19. B

    Userform/MsgBox with a Do Not Show Again CheckBox

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to do a Userform with a Do Not Show again checkbox. This is obviously cosmetically possible but what would the VBA be to make sure that the Userform didn't come up next time the user opens the file. And would this work on a document that is accessed...
  20. D

    Check box or to not check box

    I am trying to create a basic spreadsheet in MSExcel used to collect standard info (Name, address blah blah blah). The people who will complete this will need to classify the people they are listing into groups (Group A, Group B etc. 5 groups total) and each group will be listed on a separate...

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