check boxes

  1. M

    Pull value from a cell that corresponds to the checked box on different column

    Hi all, i've scoured the internet and have had no luck. I am hoping you guys can help. I am doing this in Google Sheet so hopefully some of you may know. I am trying to display the data/value from a cell that corresponds to a checked box from a different column and display into a new cell. I've...
  2. D

    VBA to create and delete checkbox based on cell value

    I am a novice at VBA but am using some code to automatically create checkboxes on a form based on the value of the cell. The value of the cell is determined by an 'iferror/index/match' formula and the 'iferror' part of the formula returns a blank value. I want the checkboxes to appear only...
  3. S

    Scroll/Drag check boxes down and link to the new cell

    I am making a rather large list with checkboxes which is working well. When I want to expand the list, I have to individually edit each check box to be linked to the new cell. Is there a better way for when I drag a cell down by the bottom right corner that the new check boxes are linked to the...
  4. tlc53

    3x Checkboxes - Hide/Unhide sheet

    Hi there, I have 3x Form Check Boxes. If any of them are ticked, I would like sheet "Dairy" to be visible. If none of them are ticked, sheet "Dairy" should be hidden. I have linked the 3x check box references to cells P1, P2 and P3. In P4 I have the following formula...
  5. tlc53

    Hide Check Boxes when Row is Hidden

    Hi there, I have check boxes in column L (L20:L64) which I would like to be hidden, when the row is hidden. Currently all the check boxes are clustering together on L65 when any rows are hidden. The rows start off as being hidden and once data is entered in column B, the row below is unhidden...
  6. A

    Check Boxes

    I am creating a rather small excel sheet. Only 4 columns, but it will become quite lengthy. I need a check box in it to use as the case goes to Appeal status. So, what I would like to do is for that check box, which I will have in column 1A. But once I enter a name in column 1B, I would like a...
  7. R

    user form with check boxes

    i have a user form with three frames in it "full day", "first half", "second half". in each frame there are 7 check boxes, each check boxs represents a day. a user should be able to come in and check of which days they want and depending on which frame they choose it represent a full or first...
  8. S

    Check boxes linking different formulas to one Cell

    Hi Guys, I'm running an accounting spreadsheet and what I want to do is have one cell lets call it A1 display a different result based on a different formula depending on what Checkbox is ticked For example if "Reinvest" checkbox is ticked it does sum(C1+B1) if "Take" checkbox is checked it...
  9. R

    Active X Control On Excel Sheet Glitch

    Hi All, I did some reading online about this and can't seem to find a direct clear answer. I have CheckBoxes and Command Buttons (Active X Control) on multiple excel sheets. I noticed that when a user who has a different screen size/resolution than me clicks on those buttons, the buttons...
  10. G

    Check Boxes - Auto Insert when inserting new row

    I have check boxes in one column on a form. When the user inserts a row I want the check box to populate as well in that new row in the same column as where the others are now. Is there a way to do that? Side Note: I already have a conditional formatting formula to shade alternate rows when...
  11. H

    Please help- Send an email using if check box is selected to email within that row

    Hello All, I am starting to learn advanced functions in Excel so please forgive me if I do not explain this well. What I am trying to do: 1. I need to create a check box per row. (not a big deal to explain, I can figure that one out using videos/forums I have found already). Check box begins...
  12. A

    Clearing Check Boxes in Protected Worksheet

    I have a protected worksheet with unlocked cells and a small section of check boxes. I have a "clear form" button that clears the unlocked cells however, it does not clear the check boxes. What can I add to the code below that will clear the check boxes too? Sub ClearUnlockedCells()...
  13. N

    Reselecting a check box

    Hi I am new to this site, and I am not normally working in VBA excel (IT Project Management), so I was hoping for some help here :-) I am currently making a template for the customer to fill out, and they have asked for the opportunity to select a check box multiple times. Right now, all the...
  14. C

    Untick Boxes Macro

    Hi there, I have a macro that works perfectly, which ticks all boxes on a particular tab within a certain range. What I need is a macro that undoes this. So the check boxes are no longer assigned to any cell. I've pasted the macro code I have currently which ticks all of the boxes I need. Sub...
  15. D

    Need help copying several cells to another sheet, based on the condition of a check box

    I am trying to say if K3 (the checkbox) is true (checked), then copy Complaints!B3 through Complaints!E3 to Citations!B3 through Citations!E3. My other option is to change the checkbox to a Yes/No drop down, if that's any easier. Thanks.
  16. P

    UserForm VBA with Data List Drop-downs, Check Boxes and Search Box

    Hello, After watching many tutorials on VBA UserForms and simple Data Entry Excel Forms, I am in way over my head. I think I can create the layout for the customized form with command buttons, text boxes, check boxes, but I have no idea what code is needed to make it all work. Essentially, I...
  17. E

    Check Boxes Not Hiding With Column

    I have a workbook with some form control check boxes that refuse to hide when the column they are in is hidden. All of the check boxes are created by a macro, so they all have the same properties, size, and alignment in the cell. This is only happening for a few check boxes out of 100 that are...
  18. S

    Small issue with clearing checkboxes

    Hi all, Thanks for reading. I have what I think is a very easy issue (annoyingly I cannot seem to solve it :(). I have some code that works and resets all my checkboxes in my worksheet, and now I've got another worksheet that I would like to split out resetting different columns. This way I...
  19. L

    Check Box Problem

    Hi this is my question whether I can format a column of boxes at a time all with different true/false boxes so I can determine the completion of the project as you click the boxes.
  20. P

    Excel Macro print button

    Hi guys, pretty new to excel and really appreciate any help/advise offered. I have a workbook with 30 worksheets referencing off a master(worksheet) for some of there data. I would like to tick a checkbox on the master(worksheet) push my print button and have all of the selected checkboxes...

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