checkbox click vba

  1. S

    How to get the Data of an item by selecting the item through combobox in vba?

    Hi, I am currently working on project that utilizes Excel and VBA. I do not have much experience in VBA programming. I am creating a user form that is designed to allow users to open multiple excel files (roster and qualifications). I would like the program to let the user to choose the files...
  2. dss28

    autofill cell value based on combined selection of checkbox and option button

    In my user form I want to perform mathematical equation based on selection of one of option button (from 4 option buttons) and a check box. The purpose of selecting one of four option buttons is to perform mathematical calculation based one of four equations. The checkbox selection defines...
  3. S

    Checkbox crashing/locking up excel resources ONLY when used after another VBA routine

    Hi All! Hoping for some clever people to help out. I'm a VBA novice, but trying my best. Context: I have a large excel tool, with a lot of VBA included. Performance isn't perfect, but it's completely workable. I'm running Office 365 ProPlus 64 bit, other users running 32bit are also having...
  4. S

    Excel Userform Checkbox and Textbox relationship

    Hi Everyone, I have a userform which has checkbox and texbox. I want link these boxes, i.e. if i tick the checkbox then only the textbox should be activated and i can fill the data in the textbox. Otherwise the textbox should remain deactivated and wont allow me to type anything. I also want...
  5. W

    Writing Macro/VBA

    I have never written a VBA or Macro in Excel. Now I need to and it is a complex one involving hundreds of checkboxes. Anyone will to help?
  6. R

    Using check box to change values in two columns

    I am currently using a check box to place the current date in column 8 for a given row. I would like to modify the code shown below to also change the value in column 7 to a range called "NAME". Can anyone help? Sub CheckBoxDate() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim chk As CheckBox Dim lColD As Long...
  7. M

    If a CheckBox is ticked, then select that cell and call a Module - Loop Through Until

    Hi All, At the moment I have a code that adds checkboxes to a dynamic table (i.e. it could be 100 rows, or it could be 5 rows). I am trying to write a code that says: "if the value next to a checkbox is "TRUE", then please select this cell and call another module. Dim rng As Range Dim cell As...
  8. M

    select shapes based on checkboxes at the click of a button

    Hi, I am a newbie. I have a worksheet with 5 box shapes (Box 1, Box 2 ....) and 5 checkboxes (Check1, Check2, ....). What I want now is based on the check boxes I have selected the corresponding boxes should get selected on the click of a button. The code I have written is: Sub CSelect()...
  9. S

    URGENT Checkbox Code Needed

    I created Checkbox Code that when checked, it brings me to the related worksheet and expands the rows. I want it to ONLY expand the row in the related worksheet and not actually bring me there. What do I have wrong? I am new to VBA so I can't seem to see the error...
  10. S

    Use Checkbox to copy data to new sheet

    Hi, Thank you in advance for your time! I followed the instructions from this post: Unfortunately, I am not having success. Goal: When user selects check box, copy a cell and paste the value in a new sheet...
  11. F

    VBA to change Form Control Checkbox background color when checked

    I have an Excel 2010 workbook with many worksheets using hundreds of Form Control (not ActiveX) checkboxes. I need a bit of VBA to change Checkbox background color of each checkbox whenever the user checks the box. I assume this needs to be a click event? I don't even know the Checkbox property...
  12. K

    Checkboxes issues

    Hi, I have a file with multiple worksheets (tabs). The checkboxes can be filled in one sheet, and are also visible on another. But on this other tab, they may not be altered! I have code like this: Sub CheckBox3_Click() 'ga film Worksheets("Products").Select Range("b13").Select If...
  13. A

    Checkbox click event triggered by VBA

    Hey Excel people I have a problem. I need to change the state of a checkbox, both from VBA code and from the sheet, but only have my code run when it's changed from the sheet. My problem is that the click event is also triggered, when changing the state from VBA code. I've tried using a...

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