checkboxes in sheets

  1. S

    activex buttons and activex checkboxes

    Hi I am trying to create a worksheet to keep track of good and bad things that are happening to certain employees. Here is a test sheet that I put together just need it to be able to actually work. What I want is when I check the employees in the list and press the button labeled good it adds...
  2. R

    Check Box or other table to populate individual cells.

    Hello. I need to create a checkbox that will be comprised of instrument names (piano, guitar, drum, et al.). When an instrument is selected, I need it to populate one cell. If multiple instruments are selected, the text needs to be in the same cell, e.g. if I select PIANO; DRUMS; GUITAR, the...
  3. S

    VBA Code Question Tying Commands to Check Box and Hiding Rows

    Greetings! I have created a workbook with multiple worksheets. I have written the following VBA Code tied to the specific checkbox (true/false) to EXPAND a specific selection of rows when checked and to COLLAPSE the specific selection of rows when unchecked (in a seperate worksheet)...
  4. N

    I don't know if this is even possible

    I'm trying to get a CheckBox to find cells with certain values (variable1-4 in the code) and highlight the first cell of the row or the entire row ("A:Q") in orange (CI 45) and remove the color once unchecked. Is it possible to range the entire column ("E:E"), and not just a specified number...
  5. D

    How to set a series of listboxes?

    I have a set of listboxes on a worksheet and have a button to clear them. That is, after listboxes have been checked, a button unchecks them. I have code that individually unchecks them: checkbox1.value = False, checkbox2.value = false.... I have about twenty checkboxes on the sheet. Is...
  6. E

    Checkboxes based on range

    Hi, I am using Excel 2007 and I need to provide a set of checkboxes for use in creating a chart. These will be checkboxes on a worksheet rather than a userform, so I will be using "Developer, Insert, Form Controls" to put the checkboxes on the worksheet. Rather than fixed text against each...
  7. craig.penny

    Link checkbox (form controls) with cell

    Hi all, I have several checkboxes in a worksheet where I've linked them with cells. When I check or uncheck the box the cell changes to true or false respectively. But the problem I'm having is that I want this to go both ways. So if the user changes a cell to true then I want the linked...
  8. M

    searching for solution

    dear all, i have 1 workbook with mutable worksheets. i use 1 sheet that contains outlet numbers in use and i have 1 sheet that contains all the outlet numbers. i would like to know how i can compare these and maybe use a check box on the second sheet that gives the information of which outlet...
  9. B

    Please help! VBA Checkbox to Lock & Gray Out Cells

    I can't see the forest through the trees on this one. My spreadsheet is designed to calculate waiting periods between each step of a multi-step process, i.e. Person A makes an appointment with GP, date of appointment, waiting time? Referral to specialist, date of appointment, waiting time...
  10. A

    Clear and Print tabs in a worksheet with checkboxes

    I have a workbook with 100 tabs and I have an index page with checkboxes for each tab. I need a macro that will clear all of the checkboxes on the page with one button and a separate macro that will print only the checked tabs. Can anyone write that code for me so I can just add it into my...
  11. M

    Reset checboxes in VBA

    I have make a loop in VBA and use this for next : I have sheet 1 with data, this data need to be transfer to the second sheet 2 or sheet 3 (depend on language) sheet 2 (Dutch) and sheet 3 (French) are the same. I use on both sheets checkboxes. When i start the macro in VBA (with F8 - step by...

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