checkboxes option

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    Help...need to change checkbox to TRUE (checked) based on a cell value...

    How can I have a checkbox change from unchecked (FALSE) to checked (TRUE) based on a cell value? Thanks everyone.
  2. J

    How in VBA set Font Size for a checkbox?

    I have some code that creates two groups of checkboxes on a radar chart (we call them "for tests" and "for series"). Can not figure out how to setup font.size for it. Tried to stick it in few spots - no luck. Attached is a sample couple of checkboxes created by this code (for tests) Any...
  3. J

    Checkbox option

    Dear Mr. Excel, In the case of checkbox value, how can I make 3 checkboxes dependent on each other, meaning you can only check one box and the other will have a value of false. Thank you

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