1. I

    Index, Match (Intersection cell data)

    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to extract some data from cell intersection by using index and match functions, I have checked a lot of video and checked alot of forum posts but i can't do it. I'll really appreciate your support. Target cell is shown below (Green Highlighted)...
  2. erinmkurtz

    VBA Event Worksheet_Change not working

    Ok, I have super simple code and it refuses to work. I've used this code several times before on other workbooks and has done wonderfully. Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address.Value = "$A$1" Then Call MyMacro End If End Sub Application.EnableEvents = True (I've triple...
  3. P

    Unchecking check bow when a reference box is changed.

    I have a list of form control check boxes that I am using to change the color of another cell when the box is checked. What I would like to do is when the box is checked to uncheck the box when a reference or another cell is changed. Is this possible?
  4. D

    Sumproduct #Value

    Hi All Have done a lot of searching and cant find an answer as to why my formula is returning #Value =SUMPRODUCT(--('1.RevenueRec'!$B$2:$C$10000=B$1),--('1.RevenueRec'!$A$2:$A$10000=$A3),'1.RevenueRec'!$I$2:$I$10000) I have checked and double checked column I in my data sheet, they are all...
  5. gheyman

    Lock data using a check box

    Curious if this is possible: If you have a form that shows the fields for a records from a table, can you add a checkbox, either as part of the fields or separate, that when checked keeps the user from changing the data? I'm not necessarily wanting to "Lock" it as I am trying to keep it from...
  6. C

    Problem with "Excel found a problem with one or more formula references in this worksheet", unable to find error

    Morning Guys, I have searched high and low for this and still unable to find the solution. I have an auto update (every 5 mins) on a worksheet with charts where it takes info from other worksheets and other workbooks, when all the charts are populated I don't get an error, but if 2 charts don't...
  7. T

    vba to check if any of checkboxes are ticked

    Hi Everyone, I have a set of checkboxes there names are CheckBox21 to 30 I just need a macro that if none of the boxes are checked I get a messagebox saying "please select one" how can I do this? Thanks Tony
  8. B

    Using not equal to on IF statement

    Hello, I've been researching for a while but haven't been able to find an explanation. I know the issue is with the "not equal to" part but I don't know why. Why does the code updates the XYZ cell on column B when the cells on column C are "CHECKED" or "REVISED". The intention with the code is...
  9. A

    CheckBox and a Summary Page

    I have an excel file that has checkbox options on 1 of the tabs and I want to it to generate a summary on another tab that would only show those lines that correspond to the boxes that were checked, or it would only insert rows for lines that correspond to the boxes that were checked. Can you...
  10. D

    Loop Through TextBoxes on UserForm

    I have to pages of a MultiPage control on a UserForm that each contain 17 items, each comprised of a checkbox, label, and textbox. When a box is checked, a percentage is entered. Not all boxes will be checked. When this data is passed to the spreadsheet, I need all blanks to be 0 not "" in order...
  11. D

    merge range from 8 worksheets into one range

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys can help me with this problem i am having that I need a VBA solution to! i have 8 worksheets (worksheets 8-15) that I need to be copied over to workheet3 ("RevRel") the data in all 8 worksheets has the same amount of columns (A:O) starting from A1 but vary in...
  12. B

    VBA to show value of another cell using a checkbox

    Hi all, I'm chasing VBA to perform the following: I have a check box in Sheet1 A1, when checked I need the value of Sheet2 D4 shown in Sheet1 A2. Thanks in advance Mark
  13. M

    Form Creation and Programming

    All I was able to find a good functional VBA code to place form data into a database(almost completed just need to add defects). See below. What I want to be able to do is instead of having a column for each of my defect families and types, I want a way to have the program review what is...
  14. S

    Run-time error (13) Type mismatch

    Hello,The following code generates a Run-time error (13) Type mismatch: Dim IloscWierszy As Long IloscWierszy = Application.VLookup(.Cells(i, 2).Value, _ "'[" & PlikBudżet.Name & "]" & PlikBudżet_arkusz.Name & "'!R" & WierszKosztyPensji_Budzet + 2 _ & "C" & OstKol_Budzet & ":R" &...
  15. H

    Logo Getting Squashed

    For some reason, my logo is getting slightly squashed when it is printed. It looks correct on the screen. I've got the logo in the header on the top right section, the "Scale with Document" box is unchecked, "Lock Aspect Ratio" box is checked, and "Relative to original picture size" is also...
  16. P

    Macro to unprotect worksheet not working

    Hi, I'm sure there is a simple solution, but I've been Googling this for almost an hour. I need a macro to unprotect, then re-protect, a worksheet. The following doesn't seem to work: Sub Unprotect () ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password: "my password typed here" End sub When I run the...
  17. C

    Check and Retrieve Info From Another Workbook

    I wanted to check the s/no and date code from another workbook. I have the formula only check for S/No but not both. IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(I8,[Warranty.xlsx]ADefect!$G$9:$G$100,1,FALSE)),"-","Yes") Where I8 the S/No to be checked in Warranty workbook from G9:G100. The date code in J8 to be checked...
  18. T

    Finding Number on Col G and put an "X" in Col M in the same ROW

    I need to see if there is a way to this: Cell A1 I can enter a 4 digit number. Click a button to run a macro that will go to another sheet in my workbook, Look in Col G ( there are hundreds of numbers) and locate that certain number on the ROW and on that same ROW place and "X" in col M so it...
  19. R

    Checked Checkbox locks the linked cell

    Greetings everyone, I have one final thing that I am trying to do on what will be a shared Excel file to prevent others from potentially changing or manipulating the information that is being entered. I have a list of requests that come through and each line gets a checkbox added. When this...
  20. O

    Macros working only when workbook is not shared

    I have a user who recently had to have MS Office reinstalled. Since then, he cannot run macros in the workbook which he used daily up until the reinstall. If I unshare the workbook, then he can run everything as before. I have checked add-ins and macro settings, but am stumped otherwise. An...

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